Day 50

10:38am – The boys think the house would be much more harmonious if a girl was evicted from the house (three girls are nominated this week). Bradley tells Angie that if she’s still in the house in a few days she gets to have his superman tshirt. She gives a flat “thanks”. Bradley gives her a kiss and she replies “you just wanted an excuse to give me a kiss”, Bradley jokes “you know me too well” in a really creepy kind of way. After Bradley leaves (out of the kitchen window rather than the door), Sam proclaims “he’s a weird boy that one”.

Angie: Yeah he is, but that’s just it, he’s a boy and you can’t hold it against him.

Angie goes on to explain that in the beginning it was hard because no one could connect with him or what to do with him. They get each other now though.

The daily deals phone rings and Angie picks up. The caller asks if he can have a quick word with Michael. The caller is a salesman ‘Neil’ who asks if he has a best friend in the house – he answers it’s Josh. The salesman asks if Michael would like to be more “friendly” with his friend, then goes on to say he has a “friendly” product available, it’s a friendship bracelet.

“For the friendly price of just $13 the friendship bracelet is yours to share with Josh. Do we have a deal?”

Michael accepts the deal and heads to the store room to collect the friendship bracelet. It’s a shackle bracelet with flowers which will keep them tethered together all day.

Angie asks Sam if he would like any pancakes, he replies no “I’m on a diet.. I’m on a bicep diet” (he flexes). He then quickly throws some water into the frying pan cooking Angie’s pancakes and runs off. Angie is very angry.

Later Angie and Layla are gossiping and agree that if Estelle had the chance she would try and crack on to Sam.

Cut to Estelle in the diary room where Big Brother flat out asks her if she would “see more between her and Sam” if Layla and Sam weren’t together. She replies that it’s possible and she’s open to it but maybe she chose to take a backseat because her individual happiness isn’t the most important thing sometimes. She could see what was happening in front of her eyes and it was best to do that.. (step back)

2:48pm – Layla is frustrated that no one else is doing the dishes. She can feel “Shaniqua” in her chest and she’s about to spew her out”. Shanique is Layla’s crazy alter-ego who only bursts out when Layla is frustrated. Bradley asks “who’s drink is that there!?” and Shaniqua bursts out “it’s mine Bradley but I’m washing the dishes!”. Layla laughs but then leaves the kitchen while the other housemates taunt her with calls about Shaniqua.

Later Layla and Sam are in the bedroom and Sam explains he can’t stand Bradley – “he’s a pest, he just puts everyone down to make himself feel better”.

Some of the boys are throwing around a tennis ball. The girls explain to Delilah “that’s your ball, they’ve taken away your ball. That’s what boys do”. The girls turn it into a bitching session about guys in general. At that moment Michael throws the ball and it ends up on the roof. Stacey tells him off “what about the dog!?”

5.40pm – Big Brother announces “housemates, you have one hour to get ready”. Angie asks “for what? for what?”. Turns out Big Brother has been doing this every night since Sunday (when an eviction didn’t happen) to throw the housemates. Angie comes to the diary room and asks what they’re getting ready for – if it’s an eviction she wants to put on her eviction dress but if it’s nominations she’ll wear her nomination dress. “I’m stressed”. Big Brother replies “don’t be stressed Angie, you have an hour to get ready”. Angie goes to reply but BB interrupts her “correction, you have 58 minutes to get ready”.

58 minutes later the housemates are gathered in the living room and Big Brother says “listen carefully, Big Brother has some very important information for you. Tonight.. it’s a double.”

There’s a long pause while the housemates stress.

“Double.. or NOTHING!” (there are cash register noises which indicate this week’s task)

Angie and Ava look furious.

In the double or nothing offer all housemates must drink a shot glass of “Big Brother’s special blend”. Turns out it contains blended veggies, liver and tripe. The housemates must drink it and keep it down to spend the task money. Ava refuses to take part because she’s a vegetarian. The housemates announce it’s a “no sale”.

Later Angie has come back to the diary room to complain about getting dressed up for no reason.

BB: It feels nice to get dressed up though, doesn’t it?

Angie: Yes it does but not when you’re not telling us anything. I’m living out of a suitcase. Are any of us getting evicted tonight?

No answer is shown.

Unknown time – Yesterday the housemates asked Big Brother if Layla could open a salon, and he has granted their wish. Layla is given beauty and hair equipment and she gives the housemates makeovers one by one.

During the footage from the salon Ben is in the diary room explaining he loves Layla but her eyelashes freak him out – they wave everywhere and look like they’re from a Barbie show bag at the royal show.

Later Ben is called to the diary room for a task offer while the housemates watch from the living room. He’s offered a choice between some bathroom scales for $1 or a brown onion for $10 (he must eat the whole thing in the diary room). He reluctantly takes the onion. He peels it and starts biting into it. Coughs, then starts holding his nose while he eats. He gets about half way through the announces he doesn’t want to eat it anymore. The housemates all cheer encouragement and he gets through it, doing a victory jump and falling off the diary room chair.

Estelle has been given a task deal of a tar and feather skin treatment. Zoe is pouring ‘tar’ all over her in the backyard, followed by a bucket of feathers. Stacey says she looks like pluckaduck. Estelle runs around the backyard fluffing her feathers. The girls joke that Delilah wants to eat chicken-Estelle really badly.

9.21pm – Sam is doing shirtless handstands on the kitchen tables while the girls all watch. He kisses Layla goodnight then leaves.

Ben is in the diary room where he says “I find Angie so annoying, she’s so loud. I’m trying hard not to yell at her because she’s done nothing wrong, I just think she’s really annoying”. Channing Tatum (Sam) is also really annoying – what have you brought to the house other than being a play thing for Layla and other than being a bit of eye candy. “He’s just.. nothing”.

Bradley comments to Stacey it’s so good to see Michael back hanging out with Josh (because they’re chained together). Bradley feels like the house right now has stopped and they’re not going anywhere because the eviction hasn’t happened and they can’t nominate until one of the nominees goes home.

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