Day 51

Ava has just been evicted. The last person she hugs and kisses goodbye is Josh. The other housemates then console Josh and Michael gives him a big hug, saying “you’ll be alright”. Michael is looking quite happy and hums to himself. Focus then shifts to Angie and Estelle surviving multiple evictions while Josh leaves the group and walks around the house by himself. He’s eventually joined by Stacey, Estelle and Delilah who give him silent comfort.

Talk moves onto nominations and when they will happen since the eviction was two days late. Zoe believes they will all be nominated.

In the bedroom Josh is contemplating whether Ava’s eviction was a result of their relationship but Stacey says it has nothing to do with that. She adds there are reasons why people come into other people’s lives at certain times – and maybe it was just that.

Layla and Sam are in the diary room and say that now that Ava is gone they will get the real Josh back, just like how he was yesterday with Michael when they were tied together. Sam explains that was the first time he’s seen the ‘real Josh’ since he entered the house. Sure enough, Josh and Michael are now using their leg tights (part of this week’s task) to run and “surf” the sides of the housemates’ plastic bedframes.

Estelle comes to the diary room and is ecstatic she’s still in the house. Big Brother congratulates her for making the top 10. He asks he she’d feel if she wasn’t nominated one week. She says she would be shocked but she wouldn’t change herself.

While Estelle dances around the house very happy with herself Layla is telling some of the other housemates “I’ve noticed recently that some one in the house is really acting”. They all know Layla is talking about Estelle. Angie says she has walked into a room to find Estelle talking to the mirror (the cameras). Later Ben and Stacey are also discussing Estelle – she has bad timing on things. Ben is unsure whether she’s ‘acting’, the talking to the cameras thing is just a part of her. She doesn’t see the twirling and dancing as weird.

Layla is talking about her and Sam to some of the housemates (it’s cut from the earlier conversation about Estelle). She wants them to continue to see each other outside of the house. Angie warns her that Sam doesn’t really have a career in front of him though (he’s a waiter). Layla says she doesn’t want a relationship that revolves around money. Cut back to the conversation Ben and Stacey were having and Ben says at first he was really happy when Sam entered because he seemed like such a nice guy but now he feels Layla can do so much better.

“I find him so boring. I tried to talk to him and say hey but then I look at his face which looks like a potato that’s rotted”

Ben then does an impersonation of Sam looking really dumb.

“Go away you rotted potato!”

The next task offer from Big Brother comes through – for $10 each housemates must continue smiling all night.

BB: Big Brother trusts those smiles won’t fade, even if you’re sent to the naughty corner for not wearing your microphone.. Benjamin.

Ben looks down and realises there’s no microphone, and has a “dammit!” look on his face all while forcing a smile.

Later in the bedroom Angie declares that “Josh is back”. Stacey adds “yeah it only took two hours”. And Ben continues “some women do strange things to men”. Angie thinks it was a weird turn of events – three weeks of Josh being on hiatus.

As part of the task Zoe has accepted a new hairstyle deal. Layla plaits her hair just like you would get in Bali.

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