Ex-housemates will be visiting next week

Yet more Fitzy...

We’ve had word that ex-housemates from various past seasons of Big Brother will be entering the house next week.

Awful marketing gimmick Little Sister wrote on the official Big Brother website that next week’s task will involve the housemates “giving the cold shoulder to some unwelcome guests. The housemates … may in fact be desperate to greet them.”

Those unwelcome guests will be previous housemates, and will most certainly include Ryan Fitzgerald from the 2004 season, who works for the Nova radio network. Nova have a commercial agreement with Big Brother and Ryan has already appeared in the house via a TV for the community radio task.

Besides, Big Brother executive producer Alex Mavroidalskdfja has already given it away on Twitter:

You won’t see Bree Amer, Ryan’s co-host on Friday Night Live enter the house though. She’s currently contracted to work for rival Channel Seven.

While it’s confirmed some ex-housemates will be visiting the house, it’s also speculated that family members of the current housemates will also make an appearance.

The task will almost certainly be a rehash of the “ignore the obvious” task from 2008, which was almost impossible for the house to pass. Here’s a video:

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