Big Brother season extended by two weeks

So it's rumoured

We’ve heard whispers coming from the production crew that the Big Brother season has been extended by two weeks. This would move the finale night to Sunday 18th November.

The extension has apparently come at the request of Channel Nine who are pleased with Big Brother’s ratings, which have remained consistent and between 720,000 – 1.1million per daily show/eviction.

It’s not uncommon for Big Brother to have a flexible and secretive end date that is dictated by ratings. If the show doesn’t perform well, it will be cut short.

This year the high number of housemates still in the house despite there only being four weeks of the show left means an extension is easily achieved without needing more intruders.

Channel Nine also have extra weeks up their sleeve because the official ratings period for 2012 doesn’t end until Saturday 1st December.

This means Big Brother could be extended yet again, but the absolute latest it can run till is Sunday 25th November, so that it fits in with the ratings period.

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