Will Estelle go this time?

Betting odds say yes (again!)

Last week’s surprise eviction of Ray was not a good time for betting agencies – with odds that he would be evicted at a whopping 17.00, there were some huge payouts to be made to those who took the risk and bet on him.

This week the agencies are sticking by their guns and again have Estelle as favourite to be evicted. The odds with Centrebet at the time of writing are:

  • Estelle 1.22
  • Bradley 5.00
  • George 6.50

That’s the same odds Estelle had last week. So what happened? Fans on our forums speculate the ‘save’ vote potentially flipped the usual predicable eviction pattern.

This week though Estelle is up against Bradley who has the teenage-girl vote and George who has the traditional “everyday bloke” vote (and possibly a million dollars to spend on text messages).

Here’s the winner odds. The main changes are that Stacey and Layla have been creeping up the ladder (past George).

Josh and Ava’s pool pash sesh mean his chances of winning have improved while her’s have plummeted. Ava, Angie and Estelle are least likely to win while Michael is still the punter’s pick as champion.

  • Michael 3.70
  • Josh 4.40
  • Stacey 6.00
  • Layla 8.00
  • George 8.00
  • Zoe 10.00
  • Bradley 12.00
  • Benjamin 14.00
  • Ava 17.00
  • Angie 21.00
  • Estelle 34.00

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