Day 47

9.03am – Big Brother is playing The Nutcracker to wake the housemates. Stacey gets up and dance, causing Delilah to get excited and wag her tail before Stacey accidentally bumps into Estelle while dancing.

Big Brother is putting on a talent show and all housemates must participate.

Ava and Josh must compose and perform a song.
Bradley and Angie are magicians (he jokes “I’m going to make you disappear Sunday night, to the laughter of everyone).
Estelle and Zoe are a circus act.
Ben and Stacey are dancers.
Sam and Layla act out the Romeo and Juliet balcony scene.
Michael will be host (the housemates joke it’s because he has no talent)

A bit later Bradley is testing a disappearing act – it’s actually Bradley crawling into the pizza oven. Michael puts the cover over and then grabs Josh to light the oven. Josh gets a shock when he pulls away the oven cover and finds Bradley gawking at him. He’s covered in chimney ash.

Stacey tells Layla the upcoming eviction could be weird for Ava if she goes, because she’s “attached to Josh like a clip on koala, like she hasn’t individualised as such”.

Angie is trying to get an answer from Josh about the Ava’s possible eviction and he deflects it entirely: “it is what it is”. She calls him out on giving blasé answers but then “good for you, bloody hell what can you do some one’s gotta go”. Josh isn’t very responsive.

2.17pm – Angie and Bradley are putting on their magician costumes and beginning to learn their tricks.

Layla is reading her Shakespeare script and asks Sam “what’s a montag?”


Michael jumps in and figures out it’s “montagues” who are a family in the play. Sam thinks it’s all stupid.

Benjamin are practicing their dances in the bedroom.

Ava and Josh are in the gym coming up with some lyrics for their song. So far it’s:

“Hey Joshie how you been lately?”
“Not bad, what you thinking’ pretty lady”
(then something that rhymes with ‘crazy’, then they change it to ‘Stacey’)

Estelle is struggling to ride a unicycle.

Footage switches to the talent show in the evening.

Ben and Stacey come out first, wearing towels which they drop to reveal skin tight lycra suits (Ben’s is a female bathing suit). They’re dancing with small weightlifting dumbbells like Olivia Newton John’s music video “Lets get Physical”. All the housemates laugh and cheer. They then throw away the dumbbells and hand jive, then a hand stand flip and some more crazy dancing. It ends with some breakdance moves.

6.32pm – The next round of the talent competition is Josh and Ava. They clap the beat and sing. Needless to say it’s pretty terrible. The chorus is “ooooh oooh”.

Next is Layla and Sam. They do a pretty good job of reading their lines (from the script) and Layla is definitely better. The housemates all cheer at the end.

All the while Michael has been hosting between acts. He’s terrible.

Bradley and Angie are up next with their magic tricks. Bradley’s first trick with swapping some dice goes down terribly, but Angie picks up with a great stage presence when she reveals a magic colouring book. The housemates are all very impressed and cheer her.

The next trick involves a member of the audience (Stacey) placing a ball under a cup and Bradley will magically pick the right cup. Bradley picks up two cups and they’re both wrong, then he pushes all the cups off the table. Michael immediately starts laughing and shouting “that was the best, that was the best!” The housemates cheer anyway.

Next is Zoe and Estelle. Estelle announces “check out my wheels” as she “rides” a unicycle (she doesn’t actually ride it, she just walks it around saying “check out my pimped ride”. Zoe then throws a cream pie in Estelle’s face and she falls backwards. Stacey and Ben run to eat some of the pie that has fallen on the floor. The act goes downhill from there, with the audience yelling at them. Estelle then throws a pie in Zoe’s face, and the act ends with them both throwing pies in each other’s faces at the same time. Most of the housemates are looking quite bored.

Michael wraps up the talent show. Later on Angie is attempting to tell the housemates a story, but Bradley keeps interrupting her on purpose to annoy her. Eventually she can continue – the story is about her auditioning for the show, but while she’s talking Stacey comes up behind her and starts mouthing the same words and pulling crazy actions. As soon as Angie realises what’s going on she exclaims “oh.. I’m out!” and walks to the bedroom. Stacey follows her exclaiming “Frank!” (the name given to housemates who are having a tantrum).

Angie tells Stacey that it’s becoming a thing in the house where everyone makes fun of her. Stacey comforts her, and Delilah joins them, wagging her tail.

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