Day 48

In the morning there is rubbish and lollies everywhere. Sam leads the cleanup effort. Bradley jokes with Angie that they are basically “the third couple in the house” which she strongly denies. Michael is finishing lollies off the floor and eating them.

Sam comments that Josh and Michael haven’t done one thing to clean up and it annoys him. Stacey and Ben comment that Sam is on uber-clean mode and that he might be trying to outdo them: “he’s not winning any points in my book”.

Layla comes to the diary room to request some nail polish remover, because some of the housemates aren’t looking their best and it’s annoying her. “Pretty please!” Big Brother tells her “that won’t cut it” and that she must enlist support from her other housemates. She calls a quick meeting in the lounge room and announces that she wants to open a salon for the housemates called Salon-ala-Layla.

Cut to footage of various housemates pleading their case to Big Brother:

Michael: I think some of the female housemates aren’t looking their best at the moment and want to keep up with the boys. I would love to have an eyelash tint, a warm chocolate brown (he’s joking). Perhaps also a day mask to get these pores some air.

Angie: I’m hideous compared to what I was when I came in here. I’ve got regrowth, I don’t have a tan, my nails are gone, my lashes are gone. I’m a shadow of what I used to be.

Ben: I like to indulge and I’m high maintenance. You know how Michael was sort of like “yeah I don’t care”.. he really cares he’s a woman through and through.

Zoe: I really want fake lashes and have my nails painted because I’ve been growing them. I just want to be moisturised and cared for.

Sam: Happy Layla equals a very happy Sam.

Ava: I would love it, the best thing since roast pork which I don’t eat, so yeah I’d prefer the salon.

Stacey: Well, first point is that mine and a couple other people’s faces look like they’ve been trampled on by a horse.

Later on Angie says she’s going to eat her share of her food just before her eviction. Josh reminds her that she may not actually go. Bradley made that mistake and ate two blocks of chocolate and a tub of ice-cream at once. Angie wants them to know she’ll leave the house a happy woman but she does want to see a tear from every housemate on the next episode. Bradley is excused but he has to mope for a bit.

2.07pm – To pass the time Ben, Stacey, Bradley and Michael are pretending that the Big Brother house is an art gallery and they are the critics. They walk around judging everything. First is the outdoor seating area.

Michael: I like how they’ve juxtaposed the linear stripes with a perceived hexagonal clutter that shows how society can be structured yet chaotic at the same time.

Michael then says some very postmodern things about the outdoor television screen, calling it a “trapped box of doom”.

Bradley comments that the entry/exit door for evictions is a black tunnel and once you go through you cease to exist.

In the kitchen the group point out the shirtless lower income earner (Josh). It’s an honest representation of youth culture.

Ben: There’s a real cave man mentality here. (with a disgusted look on his face)

Later on they find “shirtless man” again in the bathroom showering. Josh doesn’t look very impressed, saying nothing and closing his eyes. They comment on Josh’s yearning to conform with society: “a sad sight”.

A bit later Michael comes to the diary room. He says he hopes Josh doesn’t sook around if Ava is evicted and “kiss a cabbage all day. It’s gotten ridiculous the amount of making out they’ve been doing. I’ve never seen anyone make out as much in my entire life”. Michael acts out a conversation he had with Josh where they started kissing mid-sentence. Michael was thinking “we’re having breakfast here stop eating each other!”

Michael goes on to say he doesn’t understand why Estelle is still in the house because all she does is act weird and not do much else. “I’m in a madhouse!”

Later on Ava asks Estelle how she’s feeling about the eviction. Estelle says she’s been nominated so much it’s become the norm and she only gets anxious in the last few hours. Ava is thinking about it more and she can feel herself pulling away from people.

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