Day 46

9:28am – The housemates are getting ready for the last day of the task in the Fake Factory. Big Brother warns Ava that she has two minutes to get ready – she’s not in her overalls yet and isn’t moving very quickly. The other housemates egg her on. Sam makes his way in to the Factory, where he must make peanut butter sandwiches. The rest of the house are drinking champagne and playing in the back yard.

11.18am – Sam’s shift is over and Big Brother tells him he can tell the rest of the housemates that their shift is over too. In the lounge room, the housemates hear him yelling to them. He opens Door 3 and sees there’s nothing behind it. “What’s going on?” Sam is accusing the rest of the housemates when suddenly the TV turns on and plays a package of Sam busy in the Factory while the rest of the housemates play in the back yard. “WHAT IS THAT!? IS THIS EVERY DAY”. All of the housemates are in hysterics. Shortly after, they learn they’ve passed this week’s task and will receive a luxury shopping budget.

Sam: I’m filthy.

Ad beak.

11.46am – Bradley and Angie are talking about the fun they had this week while Sam was in the Factory.

Angie: I would be so off it if I was Sam.
Estelle: I wouldn’t, I’d be like ‘we’ve got luxury food yayyyyy’
Angie: We’ve had luxury food all week. The food we’ve been eating this week I couldn’t care if I never ate them again in my life
Estelle: I need vegetables.
Angie: I’m pretty sure
Estelle: You’re the sugar fairy
Angie: I don’t think I am
Estelle: You are
Angie: I don’t think I am. I enjoy sugar.

Bradley and Angie leave to go to the kitchen to “make food” – it’s obvious they’re just trying to get away from Estelle. Angie immediately starts bitching. “I think she does that to bait me.” The two start complaining that she should stop eating vegetables and that vegetables aren’t snacks.

Layla and Sam are in the Diary Room. Layla asks if Sam was the one that burnt her hair rollers. Big Brother tells her that she should be concentrating on winning next week’s Captain’s Challenge.

1.23pm – Michael is playing with Delilah in the lounge room. In the kitchen, Ava and Josh are kissing.

Michael, Bradley and Benjamin are outside. Michael is telling the boys he wants to tell Josh that he’s no fun now that Ava has arrived. Meanwhile, Ava and Josh are kissing again over Josh’s breakfast bowl. Bradley is now talking to Stacey. He thinks it would be cool if there was a double eviction this week.

2.42pm – Michael is in the Diary Room where Big Brother explains that he has to make a decision: luxury food budget, or lower budget and new hair rollers and comb for Layla. He thinks that the house can survive on the lower budget, so he takes the rollers and runs off to the kitchen to hide them before gathering the rest of the housemates in the kitchen. He starts reading out a fake letter explaining that Delilah was left unattended four times, and that the budget is now $20 per head. The then tells her to open the kitchen hatch, where she finds new rollers and a new Louis Vuitton bag. All the girls scream.

Stacey has put on Estelle’s gangster outfit and gone to the Diary Room. “Estelle, have you seen Stacey today?”. Big Brother asks fake gangster Estelle what she will do if she gets evicted this week. She tries to rap a response.

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7.41pm – Most of the housemates are in the kitchen, where Benjamin proposes a game of hide and seek. The housemates scatter while Benjamin counts. Some hide in terrible spots and others are more crafty – Michael has hidden above the door in the inside toilet. Bradley joins in the search and completely misses Michael.

Later, Michael, Josh and Stacey are gossiping in the toilet. Bradley tries to enter but they don’t let him. They all agree that it’s great now that Bradley isn’t following Josh around now he’s hitched with Ava. Meanwhile, Ava and Josh are whispering sweet nothings in the bedroom such as “I like you a lot” and “If you go, it’ll be the first person I actually care about.”

In the kitchen, Estelle and Angie speculate that Ava was on a task by Big Brother to sabotage this week’s task by not getting read quick enough. Angie then says that she thinks Estelle is on her own personal task trying to figure out Ava’s task for her own benefit.

Cue credits.

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