Ray wins: Sarah to be evicted

Betting odds not in Sarah's favour

Sarah upsetEviction betting odds have been released and Sarah’s chances of surviving this week in the house keep dropping.

Initially being listed on Centrebet just after the nominations show at 1.80 to go, her odds slowly dropped cent by cent to 1.60 at the time of posting this article (1.00 is considered a 100% likelihood of being evicted).

This week’s three nominees are faring:

  • Sarah 1.60
  • Ray 2.60
  • Bradley 8.50

Meanwhile in the winner odds nothing much has changed. The top three spots are still dominated by the “blokey” men, and behind current nominee Estelle is still the least likely to win the series.

One concession to Sarah this week is that Ray is the least likely male to win the series. At the time of writing the odds were:

  • Michael 3.50
  • Josh 5.50
  • George 5.50
  • Stacey 8.00
  • Layla 10.00
  • Zoe 12.00
  • Angie 14.00
  • Bradley 14.00
  • Benjamin 14.00
  • Ray 15.00
  • Estelle 21.00
  • Sarah 26.00

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