Day 19

Footage from the Sunday eviction show.

8.53am – It’s Estelle’s 24th birthday and the housemates are being woken with a rooster call. Layla is talking about the nutritional value of a cereal and Estelle comments about how she should be looking at the calories, not the carbs. Then later Layla says about Estelle “I really can’t stand her”, and has to leave the kitchen. Layla says “I can’t take it, it’s her birthday and I want to smack her in the head. I hate being told I’m wrong. I might be wrong but it’s only my opinion”.

Sarah is telling Ben that Estelle’s constant need to be involved in everything is getting annoying.

Angie suggests to some of the girls it may be worth having a discussion with Estelle about her constantly shutting people down and trying to get involved in things that aren’t hers to get involved in.

Estelle approaches Sarah and Ben “can I put my two cents in? I think you’re amazing and I noticed the self doubt feelings and if you weren’t in here you wouldn’t be feeling them because it’s so foreign to you” and so on… They hug but Ben doesn’t look very enthusiastic about it.

6.13pm – Everyone but Estelle is getting dressed up for her party in the diary room. It’s a street theme and Estelle screams when she sees all of their costumes (which are some rap / ghetto stereotype). Later she thanks the housemates because she hasn’t celebrated a birthday since she was little. The others cheer they love her. Sarah toasts to Estelle’s birthday “you’re an amazing spiritual person”, some of the boys comment Sarah used the same line previously.

9.54pm – There’s a rap battle going on and Michael is hosting. 30 seconds to bust a piece of the freshest style you got.

Turns out a rap battle is just the housemates dancing in front of each other.

First is Ray vs Sarah and Ray takes Sarah’s cap off during the dance.

Not to editorialise – but Ray dances look a douche.

After the music finishes Sarah complains “can we not get aggressive, it’s not on” (referring to Ray taking her hat). She is quite upset by it. Bradley boos and Sarah gives him the finger, then takes his hat off his head. Sarah then walks away and Ray follows to apologise “sorry, it’s what I do with my mates”. Sarah says “I don’t care I’m not your mate and I’m not your girlfriend. I’m not a bloke. You pushed me again. It’s not on”. Ray keeps saying “I’m really sorry, I’m really sorry”.

10.12pm – Sarah is in the bedroom still very upset about the dance battle earlier. “I was trying to dance and be in the spirit of things and being shoved and pushed and my hat ripped off”. She’s teary. Ben says “I think it was his face, it looked really aggressive, it didn’t look like he was having fun it looked like he was aggressive”.

Outside Michael is telling Ray “none of the boys thought you went too far and you went first – any of the boys would probably have gone that far, we didn’t know what the boundary was”.

Ben tells Sarah Ray didn’t want to lose the competition so he just had to take control and be aggressive to win. Ben said he was standing on the sidelines thinking “this is just a pressure cooker”. “You are a 30 year old woman and we’re doing our best to hang out with 20 year olds”. Ray enters the bathroom to apologise to Sarah (who is in the toilet) again but Ben butts in and says to Ray “you’ve actually made it to the point where if you will make it worse if you push it. She just wants to talk about it with other people. All I can say to you is I watched what happened and I know what you’re like, it just comes across as so aggressive. She’s coming out of the bathroom now but if you’re going to push the subject I don’t think that’s right”.

Sarah emerges from the toilet and Ray says “I know you don’t want to talk about it now but my heart says lets talk about it”. Sarah says “we’ll talk about it in the morning, lets just go make it a good night for Estelle”.

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