Learn more about the nominees…

... by stalking their online profiles

Big Brother may have asked housemates to secure their Facebook accounts before going into lockdown, but they forgot to mention the the hundreds of other social networking sites on the internet. Our forum users have done some sleuthing and found some not-so-official information on the housemates.

We thought we’d start with this week’s three nominees. We’ll have details on more housemates later this week.

Bradley in a self-videoBradley
Bradley is on Facebook but the page has been locked down. Luckily he uploaded a couple of videos to his YouTube channel a few years back.

Ryan in moose adRyan
Ryan is signed with Giant Management modelling agency where his stats are listed as: Height: 186cm 6’1.5″ Chest: 97cm 38″ Waist: 85cm 33.5″ Jeans: 32 Jacket: 40R Collar: 39cm 15.5″ Shoe: 11.

According to his Linkedin profile he once worked as receptionist at a real estate agency owned by his parents.

He’s appeared in ads for Moose hair products, which is a very common haircare brand around Australia (see photo to the right).

Ryan is also on twitter:

Ben dressed as an angelBenjamin
Ben is the National Accounts Manager at Scoupon, according to his Linkedin profile and went to Doncaster Secondary College.

He also has an old Myspace profile where he says:

“I am interested in good conversation and being active. I like long walks along the beach. Where men jump out of the bushes and then mount you like a zibra.”

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