BBBA Podcast – Day 62

In this day 62 episode we provide thought provoking discussion and insights into the last week of Big Brother. Topics include:

– Our tribue to our favourite housemate ever, Nobbi
– vid’s new favourite is Bridgitte due to her inspirational qualities
– “Under the radar” and “playing the game” make a come-back
– What’s so bad about voting strategically?
– The housemates are very horny due and need some release
– The ins and outs of Cherry’s butt crack
– Ben & Bianca need to slide ontop of each other already
– Grey Nomads!
– Alice… who?
– Rory breaks the stereotype and uses the word “cliche”
– Is Travis playing the game or does he have serious issues?
– The winner of Big Brother 2008 is… we dunno.
– We travel into the future and grab some audio from new housemate Pamela
– Well done with the tasks, Big Brother
– The series is winding up… nooo!

Off topics:

– Bitchy YouTube video blogs… blargh.
– Online stalkers
– vid rambles about old media
– Find vibes a new phone!
– Name our off-topic podcast show and win… maybe.


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