Day 12

3:27pm: Housemates are eating, and Terri says to Corey “Id be ashamed to call you my son.” Corey tells her to shutup. Corey goes back to the boys in the bathroom and says that he loves stiring her up. Brigitte and Rebecca, in the kitchen, both agree that Corey should stay and Terri should be gone. Brigitte complains that Terri is really mean to the boys. Bianca is watching on not saying anything. Rebecca says that she doesn’t think that she’s a nice person. Back with Terri, she tries to tell Travis that she is being made to look like the bad person and Corey is the angel.

Later, Terri tells Alice what she said. Alice thinks that Terri was rude, and it was a ‘harsh comment.’ She says it was horrible. After Terri leaves, Alice tells the others that Terri had just spoken to her. In the kitchen, Rebecca tells Travis she wants to leave again. She says it’s nothing against anyone; she just doesn’t like it that much.

Rebecca is in the diary room. She says that it’s not against anyone in the house; she just really wants to go home. Outside, a few boys in the kombi are saying it’s sad that Rebecca wants to leave. Rebecca, out of the diary room, hugs Travis. She says she just wants to make a phone call or something similar. She has a little cry.

9:31pm: Housemates have just completed Friday Night Games. Big Brother tells Travis and Renee that the strategy room is now open. Travis is confused because he thought that Nathan would also be allowed in as well. They have Pizza and alcohol. The room is broadcast into the house via the plasma’s but no sound can be heard. The guys are thinking of food and say they would be very grateful even for a personal serving of frozen lasagna or similar.

The guys, getting changed in the bathroom, say they would have taken Nobbi into the room. Big Brother tells Travis that the bottoms three are Dixie, Rebecca and Saxon. The boy’s wonder who will start being extra nice to Travis since he now has all the power. Travis tells Renee that she isn’t in the bottom three, and then tells her the three names. Travis says that he is going to save Rebecca.

Brigitte says she didn’t even know that Travis and Renee we’re good mates. Bianca says they’ve got closer over the past couple of days. Back in the strategy room, Travis says he doesn’t want to see Dixie go, but he will probably give her the two points. On the couch, Brigitte is worried she’ll be in the bottom three.