Day 10

10:06am: Housemates are back in bed. Dixie is speaking in her sleep and about 5 people are awake now talking about it quite loudly and they finally get her awake so she stops. She says that she has to put up with David most nights.

Terri is in the backyard and has cleaned up. She comes to the bedroom eventually and a few people think about getting back up. Renee comes to the diary room. She says she is freaking out about Sunday. She wonders whether she’ll get any votes to save her, her mother having already said she isn’t going to vote.

A little later, Dixie and Alice are in the kitchen. Alice says that she will have a huge workout tomorrow. Dixie was about to put a knife in the toaster but Alice was able to get the muffin out in time.

Bianca is still going on about how she has no time for Corey. Terri says she doesn’t either after yesterday. Saxon and Corey are having a competition while hand standing. Meanwhile, Rebecca tells a few girls on the couch that she wants to go home and she’s ready to leave. She is missing lots of people. Alice tells her to have a think about it and they can talk about it later in the evening. She contemplates talking to Big Brother about it.

4:24pm: Rebecca comes to the diary room. She tells Big Brother that she doesn’t really want to be here and is missing her family and she doesn’t think that her survival mechanisms will stand up in the house. Corey is making the bread and Travis tells him to smack it. Rebecca is now crying in the diary room. She says that she almost got exciting when she found out that evictions were coming. She says she isn’t happy in the house, the lowest she has felt, and she is excited that she could be evicted. She comes out and tells Alice that Big Brother wants her to sleep on it. The other girls are ready to comfort her if they are needed.

Outside, Nobbi is speaking to Big Brother in the kombi van. Nobbi wants to join the housemate discussion at the weekly dinner. Big Brother tells him that he can’t enter the house, however there is a surprise coming his way tonight. Nobbi gets excited and wonders whether he should get dressed up!

7:02pm: Housemates have gathered for the family dinner. Nobbi is secretly watching the dinner on a mobile phone. One of the questions asks everyone whether they think Nobbi is being a pain and he should just accept his punishment. They all agree however that Nobbi has taken it like a champion and it’s time now to let him into the house.

The second question focuses on Corey. Everyone seems to think he’s been a welcome admission to the house except Terri. Even Bianca gives him a compliment.

Talk turns to food, in particular Alice’s ‘dog food’ yesterday. Alice understands that Rory’s comment was a joke, but it got to her a bit yesterday. Corey says that people shouldn’t be stealing food. Dixie seems to be the culprit, hiding tea bags and apples to eat and drink later. Dixie doesn’t think she should have to explain herself.

Nobbi gets a phone call in the kombi. He says he enjoyed watching the dinner, and he got a few insights into some housemates. He was pleased that his friends stuck up for him. Dixie lies down in the toilet and has a cry.

9:02pm: Dixie tells Rebecca that she is so close to losing it. She says she very rarely gets upset and cries. She says that Saxon went over the line.

Outside, Saxon says that angry Saxon will come back out if Dixie continues getting on his bad side. Dixie comes to the diary room, saying she wants to go home. She is sick of living with a bunch of wankers. Big Brother says he would hate to see Dixie leave over an apple. Outside the boys find a huge bug and Rory suggests that they put it in Dixie’s locker. The boys end up putting it in the girls toilet. Dixie finds it later and calls the joke pathetic.

Corey finishes the day in bed with a Mr. Bean impersonation, which is pretty good. Rebecca says, “I like you Corey, your good value.” Corey, in the Mr. Bean voice, suggests she come over and snuggles with him. Laughs all around.