Things looking up… maybe.

So at the start of the season I said I was trying to keep an optimistic view of Big Brother 2007. I’ve tried very hard over the last week or so to keep things that way!

After some annoyances in the first week (too much focus on the relationship, stupid idea of the relationship in the first place, and so forth), nominations on Monday interested me greatly. Not telling the housemates who’s nominated – GOLDEN! I’ve loved this idea every time it’s been used – and I don’t even mind that it’s been used before. Seeing housemates whinge and cry and moan because they’re nominated and no one likes them is not good viewing. Watching them all squirm, not knowing who is nominated, on the other hand is great viewing.

Apparently the housemates will be told just before the eviction who has been nominated… I don’t want this to happen! Just announce that xxx person is leaving the house, go and pack your bags. Cut to an ad break, show some video packages of that housemate, and then continue with the interview on stage. That’s how it’d happen if I was executive producer, at least.

Another great thing about nominations is the Chicken Treat Twist. The fact that whoever wins Friday Night Live cannot tell anyone who was up for nomination in the first place and who they’ve removed/added is brilliant. Gives them a huge advantage over the rest of the house and the public get to see what the person thinks of the other people who have been nominated. Not so interesting when you remove yourself… but this will change in coming weeks with other winners of FNL.

Ok I don’t want to ramble on too much because I won’t have anything to talk about in the podcast! New podcast should be out some time tomorrow (Friday). We’ve got heaps to talk about!


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