Day 13

9.31pm – Hayley and Andrew enter the rewards room, all laughs and smiles and hugs. The rest of the housemates are in the living room, and Thomas explains how different the tasks were during Friday Night Live. The tasks ranged in difficulty in a huge way. BB calls all housemates to the bedroom, and when they are in there the glass screen is revealed. Everyone sees the food Hayley and Andrew get to eat, and the glass is quickly shut again. Andrew tells Hayley he was almost in tears when she won, he asks if she feels bad for the others – she doesn’t… kinda… no. Hayley says it would be far more enjoyable for them too then another combination of two housemates. Back in the living room Travis explains anyone can win FNL now. Bodie seems to have a different theory – there is a large element of luck (is this because he didn’t win?). In the bathroom the girls all say its great the females are winning the games, and that the boys are still having problems they can’t cut it.

Hayley and Andrew are in the rewards room bathtub kissing. Hayley says “we are so good, we are so good”. Meanwhile outside the housemates are around the pool and convince Bodie and TJ to pash infront of everyone else. The rewards room couple say they are so proud of Jamie beating Travis during the games – he proved its all in the head. She thinks not enough housemates give him the time, and apparently Jamie has a crush on Rebecca. Apparently Zoran has a crush on Susannah. The housemates outside are next chanting for Aleisha to kiss Billy. She screams noo…. and it doesn’t happen.


11.17pm – The reward room housemates are in the diary room. Big Brother announces they are allowed to discuss nominations when in the rewards room. Neither of them can tell the other housemates they have been given this power. Andrew is relieved he thought it would be another task. They are dismissed. Rebecca is off to bed and kisses goodnight the housemates around the pool. She jokes there was a “turn in there” when Jamie kisses her.

11.56pm – Andrew tells Hayley right now he would nominate Kate and Bodie – Kate is pissing him off. They start to list Joel – no. Rebecca can get on your nerves but no. Jamie awesome.

Jamie and Rebecca are lying in bed together. She tells him she can be proud she didn’t change herself at all to fit in this house. Jamie says she needs to understand that as much as she fits in the house, he doesn’t. And they are outsiders in the house. He clarifies he didn’t try to turn when they kissed, Rebecca says its fine and that it was quite funny. As Jamie leaves the bedroom Joel walks passed and gives him a suspicious smile. Bodie is going to bed and must give TJ a kiss doonight. Actually it turns into a pull on pash in the kitchen. She follows him into the bedroom.

Back in the rewards room they’ve narrowed down the top three to nominate – Bodie, TJ and Kate. Hayley hopes Bodies goes on the weekend – he just holds so many people back.

Speak of the devil – Bodie is in bed with TJ and she strokes his head. They cuddle each other and have puppydog pillow chat. TJ seems to want to kiss and make out but Bodie only wants to cuddle, which annoys TJ. She rolls back the other way and Bodie starts asking what the matter is. Bodie says “what you say influences me as well, you understand what I’m saying”. TJ responds angrily with “I’m not going to change who I am for anyone and you need to realise whats going on around you… your life”. She angrily gets out of Bodie’s bed and moves to her own spot.

The rewards room couple get into their own bed and test out the bed elevator… they joke they could squash themselves in the bed and have a long giggle.

Aleisha asks TJ if she is ok and why she’s sleeping away from Bodie. TJ says.. (leans over to Aleisha) “because Bodie is being a pig, he’s too worried about what we say and do and how it looks to his friends and family”. Joel is evesdropping from his bed.

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