Day 14

7.29am – Zoran and Susanna are doing thier shift at the fishing task. They discuss TJ and Bodie’s relationship – Zoran doesn’t think its real and the two hope TJ doesn’t get hurt because she’s a nice girl. Zoran noticed a huge change because Bodie like TJ so much at the begining and now he’s giving her the cold shoulder. In the rewards room Hayley and Andrew are enjoying their breakfast of scrambled eggs. When they sit down the bedroom window is revealed, but there are no housemates awake to look into the reward room. Outside Kate is in the pool and Jamie tells her he’s so glad Hayley got the FNL prize… so happy. Kate thinks its good but not great. She does note though its really good Andrew and Hayley have each other in the house – its a massive advantage for them. Jamie does say however they only get one nomination vote between them… there are pros and cons.

Andrew speculates to Hayley that there is “some one out to get us”. And they both immediately suspect Bodie. Andrew wonders why Bodie is so inconsiderate to them, maybe its a mission from Big Brother. Hayley says he’s being as irritating as possible to the other housemates… “he’s just … stupid”. Andrew says Bodie is used to having his mum do everything for him.

11.46am – A fish flys out of the well and Demet quickly springs up and catches it with one hand, falling over. Bodie cheers that was the best catch ever. They both kiss the fish and throw it back in. Big Brother annouces the fishing task is over and everyone cheers. BB says this task was worth $50 000 to the prize pool. Housemates caught 47 fish, however they dropped 3 fish. Each fish that got away was worth $5000. On two occasions Bodie failed to kiss the fish as set in the rule, so BB is deducting a further $5000. The housemates have won $30 000 for the task, bringing their total prize money to $80 000.

12.02pm – Housemates are enjoying themselves around the pool, except Bodie who is sitting in a sunchair looking sorry for himself. TJ sits opposite him about 5 metres away. There is a short pause and then Bodie says to her “maybe we should talk later on and I could come around and see your point of view”. TJ says “maybe…. maybe”. He tells her not to be short with him. TJ isn’t impressed and says “telling me what to do again huh?”. Bodie just wants them to be on good terms. He says the reason he didn’t rush into anything is because he has “oldschool morals”. TJ say she’s saying one thing and doing another however. Bodie thinks maybe he’s going against… “don’t worry then”.


1.23pm – Hayley is issuing house chores for the week. She gives environmental watchdog to Susannah. Baker is Thomas. Housekeeper Travis. Chef Emma (she is excited). Kitchenhand Joel. Farmhand to herself. Laundry TJ. Janitor Brodie. Everyone cheers extra loud when Brodie is called and he bows infront of everyone. A little later Hayley is with the animals and she’s brought Jamie with her. They pat Rosy the cow.

2.17pm – Bodie is getting advice about his relationship with TJ. Aleisha says TJ told her she doesn’t start anything unless she’s full blown committed. Aleisha finds this hilarious, as does Bodie. Bodie doesn’t want to be seen as the asshole here but “things are moving a bit too quickly for the ol janitor”. Aleisha and Emma both say he has to do something quick or he’ll be whipped. Billy jokes TJ will expect a proposal on stage after they leave the house. Bodie gets Aleisha to pretent to be TJ so he can practice his speech: “Look, cleaning the toilets has really given me a lot of time by myself to think”. Aleisha then jokes “you don’t have to say anything I’ll still feel the same”. The group of housemates all laugh. While this happens TJ is doing the laundry. Housemates are now encouraging Bodie to just go through with it and tell her how he feels.

Hayley and Jamie emerge from the farm area and alert the housemates they didn’t get a full bottle of milk – they suspect they are only given the amount of milk they can get from Rosy the cow, and lately Rosy hasn’t been giving much.

Bodie decides he’s “going in”. Just randomly Aleisha tells Billy his toes are all “random lengths and stuff” but Billy already knows. Bodie goes over to TJ wearing what can only be described as speedos with suspenders. Bodie tells TJ he has been speaking to Emma and things have been put into perspective. He doesn’t want to start anything because they could be leaving soon to different corners of the country – TJ in Darwin and Bodie in Perth. Bodie isn’t very articulate with his words. TJ doesn’t particularly care – she doesn’t plan anything she says. Bodie doesn’t think he’s dressed for a serious talk, but TJ doesn’t find the joke funny. Bodie doesn’t want TJ to be hurt in this whole thing. TJ replies she won’t get sad. Bodie likes kissing her and cuddling her but… (he doesn’t want to go any further right now). TJ doesn’t want him to think she wants to get married or anything. Bodie doesn’t want to be seen as the asshole in the relationship. TJ thinks Bodie shouldn’t care about what other people think. Just as Bodie goes to clean the toilets he kisses her on the lips, and TJ laughs.

TJ then hums “two faced bitches… in the whole world… fake fake fake”.

“You’re an idiot TJ, you need to smarten up” she says to herself.

On his way to the bathrooms Bodie runs into Emma and fills her in on what the conversation was about. Emma asks suspicously “are you ok with that?”.


3.01pm – Hayley and Andrew are having lunch in the rewards room. She asks Andrew what he thinks of her issuing of chores – he doesn’t really have a response, but says “well done” to giving Bodie the janitor task. Hayley is worried it was a cheap shot, but Andrew doesn’t think so. She was aiming for a “reality checkpoint”. Kate is in the bathroom with Bodie and she tells him she isn’t surprised he was given his chore. She says that people in the house don’t like her and Bodie. Talk moves to nominations and Bodie says he’s not that annoyed about being nominated – its rather exciting.

Later Emma is given an annoucement to read to the housemates – it’s shopping time. This weeks shopping budget is $274. The shop will be open for 5 minutes and Emma is immediately called there by Big Brother. She runs there followed by the other housemates. She goes inside while the others watch through the glass door. She grabs everything she can and checks them through, having to pack them in environmental green bags afterwards. BB annouces the shop is closed and she brings everything outside. The housemates all cheer and thank her, then move into the living room to go over what they have to use this week. The most popular items are M&Ms, bacon and butter. Andrew predicts this food will test relationships in the house and will throw that extra bit into the mix.

Kate responds to Andrew comment by saying “nooooooo” to it.

Andrew says to Kate “you won’t Kate, because you don’t give a fuck, but other people will”.

Susannah says no they should just be considerate and ask before taking. Joel says no one should go off and try to dip in. While the other housemates sort through the shopping Kate says to Jamie “oh my god I just got yelled at”. She is in shock, and repeats the conversation that just happened before. Jamie doesn’t think it was yelling, it was just Andrew trying to talk over other people.

Later in the night the girls are dressing up as drags in long socks, mismatching outfits and too much makeup. They are supposed to be 80s girls and parade themselves for the housemates before coming into the diary room. They all pout, and Kate explains they are explaining Demet is now here in “full colour” and is no longer locked in her white shell (the white room). It’s a celebration having Demet here. The girls have a dance for Big Brother, and perform it in teh diary room. TJ leads the booty shaking.


8.59pm – Bodie comes into the kitchen where TJ is. TJ says it sucks to be Joel right now (he’s kitchen hand). Bodie and TJ hug and he explains he was worried because Aleisha said it seemed he was ignoring her. TJ says he doesn’t need to “deposit” love throughout the day, and he’s smarter than worrying about what others think. Emma interupts them with a dare for Bodie from a game they were playing in the bedroom – he must walk past the pool with Rebecca and do an erotic dance like a sandwich. Bodie has to finish the conversation with TJ first, Emma is really annoyed. TJ explains she is annoyed Bodie is so close with Aleisha and his “awesome foursome” and she’s just the girl he comes to when he feels like it. TJ is having a hard time with him, and lays down the law: if anyone wants to know about their relationship they should come and talk to her.

Joel walks over and TJ asks him to “guide” Bodie as to what he’s doing wrong in the relationship. Joel laughs and wants to stay out of it while he does the dishes.

A little later the housemates are gathered in the living room. The awesome foursome – Bodie, Aleisha, Emma and Billy – decide to go outside and TJ tells Bodie off. Emma asks TJ if they can have a private conversation in the bedroom. Emma kicks some of the housemates out of the bedroom so they can talk. Bodie joins them, much to the annoyance of Emma. He won’t leave and says he just wants everyone to get along. Emma clarifies they have talked about the relationship with TJ but she has never relayed any information given to her in confidence, and then leaves.

TJ says she won’t join the others because she doesn’t sanction groups and doesn’t want to be an awesome sixsome. Bodie is worried he is leaving the house tomorrow night and wants to have a good time. TJ tells him to go have a good time then. Bodie gets annoyed and storms out of the room.

TJ: “Child!”.

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