M? Are you kidding?

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The one thing we got out of that stupid BBLS streaming article the other day was the fact that this year BB is considering the live stream (and pretty much the whole OS) to be rated “M”. The defamation thing I accept, obviously they have to protect themselves legally. But what I have issue with is this:

“The reason the stream goes to no audio or the vision gets cut is based on the fact that we are obliged to monitor it to TV standards – M classification!”

What the hell do you mean, ‘obliged to monitor it to TV standards’? No you’re not! Obviously it’s so that they can claim innocence if we get a repeat of last year’s political bullsh*t, but it just pisses me off. Why not revert to the MA rating they gave themselves last year, and just make sure someone’s always keeping an eye on the feed so they don’t broadcast any more turkey slaps? I don’t watch the streams for the nudity or whatever, so I don’t care about that, but when the feed cuts get in the way of an interesting conversation it upsets me.

At least there’s a way to get around the audio cuts – I think I’m going to learn to lip read.

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