Day 15

10.29am – Bodie and TJ are in the bathroom, she asks if he got any sleep. The response is “a little bit”. They slept in different beds last night after a tiff. Bodie quickly leaves the room and TJ throws towels at the door just as he leaves, calling him a “fuckhead”. Later in the kitchen Bodie makes a meal and Thomas says he heard the lovers had a tiff last night. Bodie says “as if I would want to have anything series in here, I just wanna have some fun”.

Emma has come to the diary room to ask about toilet paper. She didn’t realise she was supposed to grab it in the shop yesterday and thought it was included in the staples. BB says it was made clear the shopper chef (Emma) was in charge of getting toilet paper. To get toilet paper from BB they will have to sacrifice chocolate and meat. The housemates aren’t pleased when they hear about this. Joel and Bodie both do everything they can to stop Emma from returning the bacon. Emma runs outside with the bacon and the boys grab it off her. Emma stops the shenanigans in all seriousness they must sacrifice the bacon, but Bodie still won’t let up. After the other housemates intervene he gives it up. Emma goes back to the diary room and asks if she can sacrifice something else – the coffee instead of the bacon. Big Brother says no. They are given enough toilet paper for the week as deemed by Big Brother.

Outside Bodie apologises to Hayley for their argument earlier in the week. They wish each other good luck for the eviction. In the bedroom Emma reveals she hid a roll of toilet paper under her top “for the girls” incase the rest runs out. She lets TJ know where she’s hiding it in the bedroom.


2.47pm – Bodie and TJ are lying on a bed together, and he say she wants to steal a monty carlo biscuit. Outside Andrew tells a group of housemates it would be exciting to leave the house tonight. Travis doesn’t really think so. Meanwhile Bodie has put a bandana over his face and crawls into the kitchen to steal monty carlo biscuits from the pantry. He takes them into the bedroom for TJ, Emma, Aleisha, Joel and himself to eat. Joel makes a big deal about eating the biscuit – he doesn’t feel right about it. Bodie says Joel is either with them or against them. Aleisha can’t eat the biscuit either. The housemates outside are talking about how from now on some one will be leaving each week. Joel has surcummed to eating the monty carlo.

7.17pm – Jamie does his hair in the mirror and sings. Everyone is getting dressed up. BB calls all housemates to the lounge and then gets Emma to explain what her FNL power was – and that Jamie was picked to replace her in being nominated. Jamie says its no problem, Rebecca looks sad. Kate and Hayley go to help Jamie to pack his bag incase he is evicted. Emma starts crying.


8.04pm – It’s time to go… Kate. She hugs everyone before leaving through the inside door. The housemates all go outside to cheer goodbye over the wall. Jamie gets upset over the eviction but Bodie is all smiles. He says he feels so good he’s not the first. Emma agrees, but is worried now that she explained she put Jamie up for nomination there will be about 8 housemates wanting to kill her. TJ tells her not to worry about it. Bodie goes and sits by himself for a moment, then lies down.

In the bedroom Jamie explains he feels more bad for Kate than relieved for not being evicted. Aleisha says Kate was ready to go though. Emma apologises again to Jamie for the nomination twist but Jamie again tells her its not a problem.

10.51pm – It’s revealed around the poolside that a few nights ago Billy and Aleisha kissed in their bed. Everyone makes a big deal about it, and chants for them to kiss again. They do.

12.15am – Susannah wants to know what the sleeping arrangements are now that Kate has gone. She wants to know if TJ and Bodie are going to be sleeping together, and TJ screams that nothing is going on and she shouldn’t assume that, but adds she is just kidding. TJ and Bodie bicker over sleeping arrangements.

In the bathroom Hayley and Emma swap notes on the bickering between the dysfunctional couple. While talking Hayley slips over on the floor and says “thats what I get for being a bitch”.


12.28am – TJ tells Bodie its hard for her to watch how well Bodie gets along with his friends and she wishes that she got along like that with Bodie. Bodie thinks it might be because they rushed into things. Bodies goes directly over to Emma and lies down next to her. TJ says “I’m over it” and leaves the bedroom, Susannah goes running after her. Bodie looks annoyed at himself. Aleisha and Emma tell Bodie off for coming over knowing TJ will lose the plot. They laugh at him. TJ is talking with Susannah in the living room about the situation. Aleisha and Emma continue to tell Bodie off for not treating TJ right, and getting them in trouble with TJ.

Bodie: There’s now way in hell anyone is going to tell me off for hanging out with who I want to

Bodie decides he’s going to go out and fix this once and for all, kicking everyone out of the living room except for TJ. He says he’s not dealing with the whole thing and he feels like whatever happens she will have harsh feelings towards him. TJ says he’s going to hurt her either way. Bodie just wants to be friends, and TJ words it as admitting he “made a mistake”. Bodie thinks TJ is being “full on” but TJ disagrees. Bodie can only offer TJ friendship right now. TJ wants to know who told him to give this advice considering he kissed her just minutes ago. Bodie goes to walk away. TJ isn’t trying to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Bodie isn’t comfortable with being around her right now and if she doesn’t want his friendship tell him now. TJ pauses.

The housemates in the bedroom predict this isn’t going to end well.

TJ confronts Bodie about him liking Emma… maybe too much. He says at first he had the hots for her but eventually it evolved into a friendship and he has respect and admiration for her. TJ thinks he doesn’t have the same respect and admiration for her. Bodie doesn’t want to have this on his concience. TJ says this is because he can’t deal with this reponsibility. Bodie then crawls under the coffee table in the fetal position while TJ continues to talk. He doesn’t care what she says except love is a “double edged sword”. Bodie shoulds like he’s crying under the coffee table.

In the bedroom the housemates all start laughing about how one pash could turn into so much drama.

Bodie and TJ agree they will talk about it tomorrow.

TJ: “dumped on national television… argh how embarassing!”

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