Day 5

9:29pm: Emma and Aleisha are in the diary room, and Big Brother lets them through to the rewards room for the first time. They jump around, while Big Brother tells all other housemates to go to the bedroom. Soon after, the dividing wall between the bedroom and the rewards room is revealed, and they all get to see the feast available to the rewards room housemates. Big Brother tells Emma to open one box for a prize. She picks box number two, and wins a holiday. The housemates in the main house have the clouded screen back up, but Aleisha yells loud enough so they can hear what she won. They decide to start eating while the other housemates watch, but then the glass is quickly clouded over. They tuck into the feast available to them. Aleisha and Emma talk about who to give chores to who.

Meanwhile out at the spa, everyone else says that Travis did well. Travis says he would have rathered go out early than get that fair and miss out on that. Emma says that everyone had said that the person who came second should get invited into the rewards room, but Emma says she just wanted to pick someone who she would get along with. Out at the spa the housemates are saying it’s great to be able to take whoever you want. Big Brother calls Emma and Aleisha to the diary room. Big Brother informs them that this year, while people are in the rewards room they are allowed to discuss nominations. They are told not to tell anyone.

10:54pm: Emma and Aleisha are back in the rewards room and they immediately talk about nominations. Aleisha says that she has been thinking about it a lot. Emma says she will nominate Kate because shes insensitive, on her high horse and she feels like she is above everyone else. Emma also says thatshe would nominate Jamie. Aleisha says she would nominate exactly the same, saying that Jamie never gets involved in group conversations. Aleisha says that he is cool when they are one and one, but in a group he doesn’t say a word.

In the kitchen, Kate and TJ are saying that Emma had that determination to win. Back in the rewards room, Aleisha says that she is a bit concerned about Hayley. Emma says that Hayley is going to play the game and nominate that way, whereas Emma says she is just nominating based on not liking them. Outside Kate wonders if Thomas would pash Hayley. Thomas says he wouldn’t pash anyone in the house out of respect for his ex girlfriends. The girls in the rewards room talk about Thomas. They both agree that he’s a bit soapy, and that they prefer their men to be ‘real men.’ Back in the house, Andrew and Hayley quickly get a chance to talk in the bedroom. They sit together on the couch. Hayley explains that she has been flirting with Thomas because she knew he wouldn’t do anything. Andrew tells her not to kiss anyone, saying he thought she tried, or Bodie tried to kissed her the other night. Thomas comes in so they move the conversation onto a different path and invite him to come and have a chat. Thomas says he’s not going to interrupt them because they look cute, they would make a good couple.

1:21am: Most housemates are on the couch. TJ and Thomas are having an argument. Kate tells Thomas that he has the ‘air of a liar.’ Thomas says he’s as honest as anything. TJ can’t believe that, and says that he needs to clean up his act. Thomas tells TJ that she is a very ‘loud mouthed Darwin person who thinks if they talk loudly enough they’ll get what they want.” Aleisha giggles in the background! Thomas says that if his flirtations have been taken the wrong way, and he apologises. TJ says that he is being hypocritical. Meanwhile in the bedroom, Billy says that it’s getting really interesting in the house and that they are only at the 6 day mark. Zoran agrees, saying that they’ll be so many cracks and different groups within a few weeks. Back outside, Thomas again whispers an apology to Hayley for leading her on. Hayley admits she was fine with it, and that TJ had just gone ‘over the top, crazy.’ Thomas decides to head over and apologise to TJ once again, but before he even reaches her she starts chanting “Don’t even bother.” Thomas finally apologises for calling her a ‘loud mouthed Darwin.’ She goes onto say that Thomas is just a big city boy, and he doesn’t know what he’s dealing with. TJ then says that she’s had enough of him. TJ has a smirk on her face, and then Aleisha makes her laugh loudly when she asks “TJ, if I ever get on your bad side can you tell me what I did before you get angry.” TJ whipsers to her that it’s just a joke, and she’ll let him know tomorrow if she feels like it.

2:29am: Aleisha and Emma are in the rewards room saying they never want to get on the wrong side of TJ. In the bedroom as everyone settles into bed, TJ says goodnight to the room. Back in the rewards room, Emma comments that Thomas got his head ripped off tonight. She also says that Kate was talking to her tonight, and that was strange.