Day 4

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8:09 A.M.: Billy is in the Diary Room. Big Brother tells him it’s time to receive his next mission. When Billy is told to tend to the animals he must take Hayley with him. Shortly after leaving the Diary Room Big Brother tells Billy it’s time to tend the animals, and to pick one house mate to help him. Andrew says “I’ll do it with you, mate.” another house mate yells out “one of the girls might want to do it.” Someone else yells out “Nah Zoran wanted to go, mate.” Billy tells Hayley that he will take her. She isn’t too sure, but Billy convinces her to come with him. This is the first time Billy and Hayley have been alone to talk about their former relationship. Billy is not allowed to tell her why is he in the house. They enter the barnyard greeting all the animals. Billy asks how strange it was for Hayley when he entered the house. Hayley isn’t sure whether they can talk or not, Billy assures her that they can. Billy had no idea Hayley was in the house before he entered and it was a bit bizarre when he found out. Billy asks how the last couple of days have been and Hayley says stress free until he came. Billy says “It’s not stress free, nothing is stress free in here.” Hayley didn’t expect Billy to be so nice to her and he wonders why she would think that. Billy says that he is just being himself and asks if he is making her feel strange. Hayley says it’s alright. They both agree that people should never know about them.

Bodie is in the Diary Room. He along with most other housemates believe they are the only one given the mission of discovering the secret couple. He tells Big Brother he wants to give him an update on his progress. Hayley, Jamie and Andrew are the only ones that have what it takes to pull it off he says. “But who can really be sure?”
Back in the animal enclosure, Hayley and Billy are still feeding the animals. Billy tells Hayley she doesn’t have to be concerned about him being in the house. Hayley says she’s not. Billy says that she still loves him and Hayley replies that she will always love him, but it would be so weird for some people.

Bodie is still in the diary room. He says if it was Andrew pulling it off the only person that he would be compatible with is Hayley. “Oh, yes there would be some very amused people” says Hayley. They discuss whether Hayley still holds a grudge, she says she never did. Billy asks how her family are going. Over to the lounge room where 6 of the housemates are. They are discussing Billy and Hayley. “Is Billy still milking the cow?” “Takes a while.” After hearing Hayley went in there with Billy, Zoran makes a joke about Hayley milking the cow and then Billy comes up behind her and starts milking too. The housemates laugh and Andrew puts on a bit of a smile.

In the animal enclosure again and Hayley tells Billy the reason they were together was because they get on so well and he agrees. They want to continue getting on in the house. Billy was “a bitch”, after they broke up but she wont say who told her that. Billy said that he was heartbroken, “it sucked.” Big Brother tells them to leave and to take the milk and eggs with them. They kiss and hug, then leave.

9:52 A.M.: Billy and Hayley enter the house telling them they didn’t get to milk the cow today. Andrew asks what they did, and Hayley replies with a list including feeding the animals and giving them “some love.” Someone brings up the non-existent zebra and Hayley says it was cool. Andrew says that they are “so full of crap” and walks off. Hayley and Billy continue trying to convince people there is a zebra in there.

Andrew is washing his hands in the bathroom and walks out into the bedroom. Hayley is there, alone. Andrew asks Hayley how was it and she tells him it was fine, “the usual.” Andrew tells Hayley to check if there are any girls in the toilet. He quickly changes his mind and tells her not to worry about it. Andrew enters the bathroom where Hayley still is and kisses her a couple of times. Hayley walks out with a big smile on her face. Hayley goes to get some clothes and says “An interesting old day, Big Brother.”

2:35 P.M. A few of the house mates are in and around the pool. Zoran lifts TJ above his head while she spreads her arms and legs out, it doesn’t last long. Inside Billy, Bodie and Aleisha are in the bedroom and make a pact. “What two say, the other one has to do.” Bodie decided to put everyone’s pillow in the draw at the end of their beds, except theirs. Jamie, Hayley and Thomas are hanging out in the Chill Out Room. Hayley says she has had the chance to talk to some people she has been having differences with. Jamie inquires about the differences. She says that she has been talking to Andrew, and Billy. Jamie tells her he knew Billy would take her with him to feed the animals. Both Thomas and Jamie tell her that Billy has her in his eyes. Out in the lounge room Bodie pretends to read a letter from Big Brother, to get Emma to join his group (with Billy and Aleisha). He says that he needs to get three people to join his “poss’ e” and they have already completed one task of hiding the pillows earlier. In the bedroom Jamie and Rebecca discover they have no pillows. Back in the lounge room Emma and Aleisha are discussing whether the house mates would be angry at what they are doing. Emma doesn’t care if they do. Aleisha said she wouldn’t care if her pillows were hidden. In the bedroom they find out where the pillow are. Jamie thinks it “seems very Bodie.” Over to the Chill Out Room and this time Andrew, Billy and Zoran are in there. Andrew seems unaware that some house mates think Billy is “having a crack at Hayley.” Andrew says there are a few male housemates showing her attention, such as Billy, Zoran and Thomas. Billy and Andrew agree that it is all a bit of fun.

4:09 P.M.: 6 of the housemates are on the lounge watching the plasma screen which is showing The White Room. Bodie asks Andrew if he would pursue a relationship with any of the females in The White Room. He says that he wouldn’t. In the bathroom Aleisha, Emma, and some other house mates are dressing up for a group discussion they have planned for tonight. Next door in the bedroom, Thomas throws some lip balm to TJ but it doesn’t reach her. TJ says it was lucky because she wasn’t prepared for it and it would have hit her in the head. Thomas gets it again and throws it to her. TJ tells him that she has already used lip balm and her lips are shiny. She asks if Thomas likes it and he says he doesn’t. The house mates have assembled in the lounge for their discussion. Katie says that they should discuss “things that are really pissing us off” and you cannot interrupt someone else. Everyone agrees. Jamie starts by saying how happy he is to be in the house, and acknowledges that sometimes he may be quite. He says that he doesn’t knock back a chat if someone wants to talk with him. He ends by saying everyone is “bloody fantastic.” Katie is next and says that if your going to yell at night go outside, but stay if you can whisper. Rebecca says that she is experiencing a lot of genuine love and affection for all. People start leaving to do the dishes.

8:19 P.M.: Hayley is alone in the bedroom and Andrew comes out of the bathroom. Hayley immediately runs up and hugs and kisses him and then leaves. Bodie, Aleisha and Emma are sitting together outside. Emma and Bodie are discussing how “outright rude” Katie is. Emma mentions how Rebecca was saying how she loves everyone. “I’m just like, you’ve known us four days and you love us? I don’t love you. I don’t even know you.” she says its good people have bonded, but Rebecca has taken it to far. The others are laughing with her. Meanwhile on the opposite side of the yard a few housemates including Katie and Rebecca are dancing and playing. Emma is still talking about Rebecca, “I don’t even know you. Where do you live? Who are you? What’s your mobile number? Do I have your e-mail address? Do we like hang out? No. It’s pathetic.”

10:58 P.M.: The housemates are sitting in and around the spa. Billy comes up with an idea for a game, to speak about the best day of your life. Jamie goes first and talks about his school’s production of Goldie Locks and The Three Bears. Jamie played Little Bear. When he went to say his line in the play he improvised a line and got laughs and applause from the audience. TJ says the best day of her life was when she got reunited with her “other family,” which is her Dad, Step mum and sister. They were separated for 8 years before she tracked them down. She cries while describing them getting out of the car and saying “Welcome home.” Billy tells a story about a day he shared at the beach with Hayley. He said it was a really intense day including lunch and a walk. Katie says that connection happens sometimes with someone new. Bodie asks what happened with her, Billy says it was a one day thing and it has been a while since he has seen this girl.

12:39 A.M.: Thomas has got TJ in The Chill Out room because he wants to discuss her flirting with him. She says the flirting was invited, he’s sorry it was invited. Thomas wonders what the real reason she is flirting with his is. TJ says if she sees something she likes, she will flirt. Thomas tells TJ she is good looking, attractive and “all that sort of stuff” but he is not looking for a relationship. He is flirting with her because it is fun. TJ says he is going to mislead and upset people if he keeps doing that, and it is wrong. TJ flings a bracelet at him and says to keep it. “And I think you should not rub your feet. And I think when you go to sleep you should maybe roll over and face the other way. And I think maybe you should keep your flirtatious crap to yourself.” Thomas says he is really sorry, and TJ says stop apologizing because she will get angry and upset. Thomas said that he got a lot out of this conversation and TJ replies “I bet you did.” “I’m a boy, give me a break.” “27, and still a boy. How. Do. You. Feel?.” “Confused.”