BBO7 – The BEST big brother EVER!

That’s right folks….. I said it…. bbo7 will be the best…. series…. of big brother…. we have ever seen in Australia. Quote me on that, because I have a good feeling about this year, I can feel it in my bones.

Anyway, my name is Rilly and I am here today to blog about big brother. Seeing as the show hasn’t started yet I’m going to comment about the advertising campaign. And guess what! I actually like it

Mainly because we are yet to see the word “twist” with the words “biggest” or “world first” surrounding it, lol. The text based ads are grey, sleek and minimalistic and the use of simple, iconic, imagery are either a first year graphic designers portfolio, lol, or a coded message for us to ponder, either way, they make for an intriguing little precursor to the greater campaign that will infect our screens over the next week and finally die with the launch show on April 22.

The political silhouette ads have been passed off as a parody of genuine political campaigns (unless they are going to let us sms our choice for bb announcers?? lol) and the sleek, dark, Gretal being driven to the press conference at the white house type ads have added to the atmosphere being created with the cryptic text based ads. All in all, I’m pretty pleased, no big promises, no bullshit threats about the “evil” big brother and an interesting atmosphere pre-show.



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