Time to concentrate on the positives

The season hasn’t even started yet but it feels like we’ve already pretty much given up on it and consigned it to the rubbish heap – so for my first blog of BB07 I thought I’d concentrate on the positives.

Then I realised there actually wasn’t any!

Well, except for this place I suppose – Behind Big Brother is probably the best of the best wnen it comes to Big Brother fan sites – but that’s probably because we judge the show for what it really is rather than having an undying loyalty to Gretel and co.

But as for the show itself – well, there must be a serious problem if I can’t think of a single positive to take away from it.

My expectations couldn’t be any lower this year – especially having seen the same tired old promo campaign wheeled out for about the fourth year running.

Even if BB07 gets off to a great start, based on the last few years I wouldn’t expect it to last past the first month before we settle into the same predictable routine.

And if that’s the case – well, it might be best all round it gets off to a bad start so we can see from the beginning what we really should be expecting – promises or no promises.

Brekkie Boy.

P.S. If anyone can comes up with any positives, please join the discussion on the forum

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