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Tully dumped by her girlfriend?

Discussion in 'Australian Big Brother Talk' started by ryanseacrest, Sep 2, 2013.

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  1. ryanseacrest

    ryanseacrest Member

    She posted on her Twitter to say she's not going to the Gold Coast for tonight's eviction. And she also posted this on her Instagram. Looks like she's had enough:


    Click this link or the image above to enlarge the photo if you can't read it: http://i.imgur.com/tt0Rxk2.png

    Link to twitter account: https://twitter.com/beginnersblood

    Obviously it's pure speculation. But you have to say, it's one hell of a coincidence to make the two posts (Twitter/Instagram) virtually simultaneously.
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  2. mikidiki

    mikidiki Well-Known Member

    It's a bit hard to see that but it doesn't surprise me. Tully has caused her own downfall and Drew has also been an instigator. It doesn't diminish my love for Drew but it certainly makes me question him.
  3. astr1d

    astr1d .gif fanatic

    It could possibly be Tully's family's turn to go to GC and gives Tahlia a week off but I wouldn't be surprised if they will officially break up after she is evicted. Tahlia must be humiliated and has said on her facebook that it's "infuriating" that Drew wont back off Tully. There hasn't really been any conformation that I have seen as of yet.

    I like to think that Tahlia's dumped Tully because she didn't deserve having to watch her girlfriend emotionally cheat on her. #teamtahlia
  4. Sly

    Sly Bully

    The focus this whole thing has put on her is quite unfair, especially considering all she probably would have tried to do is support Tully. I wouldn't blame her if she left Tully's stuff out on the street.
  5. ryanseacrest

    ryanseacrest Member

    edit: deleted
  6. ribenaberrie

    ribenaberrie New Member

    Considering what Tully has said and done she deserves it.

    I dont think the responsibility is with drew to back off, not that i agree with his behaviour, but from what i can see its Tully initiating all the intimacy and jumping in his bed. Shes the one in a relationship not him.
  7. Zapp

    Zapp Member

    Tully's going to be a wreck out of the house...
  8. candysugars

    candysugars New Member

    Team Tahlia.

    Who could possibly blame her????
  9. linguine999

    linguine999 New Member

    Yep I agree!

    Tully is a disgrace to the sisterhood!
  10. tigerlily75

    tigerlily75 New Member

    It looks like it, she posted a heap of pro-tully and save-tully stuff back in the day and that's all stopped, she's not going tonight and was quite pointed about it .. it's not looking good!
  11. Sly

    Sly Bully

    At least she'll be easy to steer clear of. You'll be able to hear her from wailing from thirty kilometres away.
  12. asdf

    asdf New Member

    This can't be true. BBfan- posted numerous times how the Tully&Tahlia relationship is maybe possibly at least pseudo-open(implied) and not-quite-but-almost-100% lesbian with a touch of cock(added this part myself because Tully said she's maybe not 100% lesbian, not that it would diminish her love for Tahlia) in there to mix things up(which maybe Tahlia is fine with, you can't say for sure she isn't, so technically Tully's never cheated if the relationship is somewhat open (or Tully thinks it's somewhat open, which is what matters here)).
  13. dodo_daniel

    dodo_daniel New Member

    i know it's not a totally reliable source...but my friend plays soccer with some girls that know tully & her gf and told me that apparently her gf is "angry and essentially moved out" - basically told me tully is gonna have a wake up call when she leaves coz her friends aren't happy either
  14. Ariel

    Ariel Member

    Tahlia sounds cool...can we do a swapsy with Tully :eek:
  15. rachael_ann

    rachael_ann New Member

    Is anyone surprised at all? With the way Tully has been acting with Drew in the house surely she saw it coming. By the way she talks about her relationship I don;t think it was 100% stable before she went into the house either.
  16. the Theorist

    the Theorist Over-thinker. Over-analyser. Over-complainer.

    Tahlia is a member here, so be careful what we say guys out of respect.

    But yeah, this is unfortunate. :(
  17. astr1d

    astr1d .gif fanatic

    That awkward moment when you live in Tully's neighbourhood! D:
  18. Ariel

    Ariel Member

  19. ryanseacrest

    ryanseacrest Member

    Lol, well played
  20. Tim

    Tim Welcome to my site! Staff Member Administrator

    Do you have a link to the twitter post?
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