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Jade's boobs

Discussion in 'Housemates Forum' started by TullyLovesDrew, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. TullyLovesDrew

    TullyLovesDrew Well-Known Member

    Are Jade's boobs real or fake ? What do you think ?
  2. Sorceress

    Sorceress ..Bow Down To Thee..

    About time, they are real....but how they sit on her little frame does arouse suspicion (among other things...).
  3. TullyLovesDrew

    TullyLovesDrew Well-Known Member

    those were my thoughts exactly
  4. TullyLovesDrew

    TullyLovesDrew Well-Known Member

    they look real but they are quite large for such a skinny girl
  5. Sweet_Geek

    Sweet_Geek Guest

    They are real. My sister has a similar frame and her boobs are the same as jades. We actually joke around about it, saying she is the brunette version of jade. I've seen other girls with a similar thing and I know theirs are real too.
  6. Nyx

    Nyx New Member

    Real. They move and jiggle about freely. I'm so envious. The girl is stacked and yet they're proportional to her frame.
  7. jessy_girl

    jessy_girl Well-Known Member

    Real. I have seen some falsies that look very real, but Jade's look completely natural to me. The way they move and sit on her body in general.

    I know a girl who is tiny but has the biggest rack, at least in terms of in proportion to her body. She is forever being asked if they are fake, but they are 100% real. I suspect Jade is the same.

    Her body is banging!
  8. Tesa Davies

    Tesa Davies New Member

    You can tell they are real, I was the same frame before I had my little devil and ruined my body :p
  9. Sweet_Geek

    Sweet_Geek Guest

    Hahaha I do like how frank you are and love the entertainment value of the way you express things.
  10. :pp

    :pp youtu.be/CGz36bWJ61k

    Alot of Italian women have those bazookas. It's just she has the tiniest ribcage. Really a remarkable body type, perfect for modelling.
  11. BBTeamHousemate

    BBTeamHousemate New Member

  12. TullyLovesDrew

    TullyLovesDrew Well-Known Member

    Jade does have a terrific body
  13. Melore

    Melore Tiny Member

    And yet I have seen modelling pics where the breast area on Jade is definitely much deflated. She said they were real. I asked this question on the Jade thread once and it was considered pervy! Ha.
  14. talene

    talene New Member

    i thought it was bad for modelling....they dont like things to distract from the clothes
  15. :pp

    :pp youtu.be/CGz36bWJ61k

    not for runway/ramp... she doesn't have the height anyway... but for editorial/photographic she's great. The broad shoulders is the thing, to hang the clothes properly. Best bikini bod eva.
  16. rachael92

    rachael92 Active Member

    One of my friends is like a jade clone. Same frame, same boobs, same hair colour & eyes. Its just weird!

    Jade's boobs are definitely real, looks like she's one of those lucky people who loses weight from everywhere else except her boobs! Damn it!
  17. Sweet_Geek

    Sweet_Geek Guest

    I'm a b cup and what I would give to have a NATURAL set like jades and her size. The only times I miss being pregnant and the first six months of having the baby where I was much more prominent in that department.
  18. Gemini

    Gemini Well-Known Member

    They're definetly real. There's a pick of her washing dishing while talking to Lucy in the LF yesterday and you can see they hang a little bit. Implants don't at all.
  19. Dablob

    Dablob Member

    depends on the type of modelling. Jade would be a perfect bikini model (which i believe is her main domain anyway). But high fashion runway would not be an ideal match for her. She has an amazing body but her boobs and the proportions of her body aren't ideal. Its ridiculous as her body to me is the optimal shape of a woman but runway models are preferred to be symmetrical -_- boring! haha
  20. Gemini

    Gemini Well-Known Member

    The joys of pregnancy :p
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2013

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