What would Reepbot say (4)


Lynda Day is awesome.
Reepbot, if you can’t see what everyone else can see (wrt to some of your posts being disruptive and unwelcome) and which has (at first gently, then matter of factory and in more recent times quite bluntly) been pointed out to you, I think you’re just gonna have to take it on face value and recognize that it is a blind spot with you in your communication/social interaction style.
but more importantly, am i allowed to say the m word yet?


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I‘ll give you an example. Fuzz created his own thread himself especially for Fuzzy stuff, rather than posting it in the off topic thread. He occasionally posts in other threads when it’s a conversation he wants to contribute to but the stuff he just wants to post because he wants to post it, he posts in his own thread. I think that was exactly the right way to approach it. He has two mechanisms to post. One with his creative stuff, one where he is part of the overall ongoing prevailing conversation.


Lynda Day is awesome.
my christmas wish is to one day see delcan and inigo become good friends again instead of bitter enemies. i don't care what witty says i believe in the power of good.

or should i say schnoood?


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Had a laugh yesterday as I was trying to get a picture of me and my sister's dog. She started schnoofling my temple, hair and ear. I used the word when I posted the photo on facebook. It's a good word for that activity.


Lynda Day is awesome.
500 movies made between 1900-1999 i will see in the year 2018. i'll list the movies as i watch them in this thread (that is if this thread hasn't been locked yet). gulppppppppp.


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Why would you list them is a question.
Another is your assumption this thread would be "locked"
You're just not that interesting/important/annoying (no seriously, you don't really rate enough to have a thread someone else made for you locked because of your content)

Really wondering why I bother to even come to this site anymore.


Lynda Day is awesome.
i saw downsizing. all about finding your purpose in life i think. i could be wrong and that might not have been the message of the movie.