What would AntiGretel say?


...TRUMP 2020..
Nearly 44 years old ( 14 + 30 ) and still no brain here

I am conflicted daily by myself, Anti-Gretel, reepbot14 and the other personalities within that were never fans of BBAU yet could
put imdb.com to shame when discussing the likes of THE BLOCK and MASTERCHEF

I have been a burden on society and everyone that my multi-polar self could attract into its vortex of evil

In and out of prisons and madhouse institutions since the age of 14, i am often asked which i would ultimately end up in

If i had a choice, it would be prison

After the staunchness and never ending sex a prison cell can offer, you tend to seek a logical conversation for your own sanity to be kept in check.

In prison, it is linear,,,,WHY AM I HERE..... ? Well, i needed money, so i stole a car to sell it and got caught.

In mental home, it is obtuse....WHY I AM I HERE... ? Well, i needed money, so i wanked off in the shopping mall and was late on my lay-by, and got caught.

44 years old....I feel 18 yet look 88....

Still, that is a month away, so if any of you bitches wanna ride a 43 year old stallion, inbox one of my identities and include a pic of you wearing just a sash.


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I see brinkpeople.
Anti Gretel what do you think of time travel? Is it possible to ever travel to the past to see stuff?
An elevator is technically a time machine. Time moves slightly faster the further you get from a gravity source. GPS satellites have to factor gravity time dilation in. Even jumping on the spot is a tiny form of time travel. The problem is that 1G only changes time a small amount and humans become paste before the effect gets good.


...TRUMP 2020..
Happy Birthday young man. Enjoy your celebrations.

Oh my long lost chat buddy Khun Khun

How you have tolerated me at my worst and giggled with me at my awesomesness best ( 99.94 % of the time )

Lots of hugs n kisses

You are interesting and across all topics in life

I adores ya


thank u !!


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