What music or songs are you listening to?


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This video clip is like taking a time machine straight back to 1990! lol. Yes I remember watching this movie at the cinema when it was released. I also even bought this original movie on VHS for $30 back then. Back then you could pretty much find a TMNT arcade machine all over the place. Of course the arcade shops had them everywhere but I also remember playing the arcade machine in the local video stores, there was even some arcade machines in the local service stations! (gas stations) back then...lol.




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I liked send me an angel, had their album

LOL at the keyboard player, Richard.......
is now a lawyer and entrepreneur and board member for a legal service I worked for
We used to tease him about all the hairdos he had back then....now totally bald, looks better if you ask me
He is a bit sexy....great brain


I forgot I came here to mention Wiggles generations voting them the winner of
JJJ Hottest 100
Did you listen?
Tame Impala...Elephant, Like a Version
It’s crap
But it is hilarious and kind of cool, and very ironic Aussies surviving Covid with a laugh and nostalgia
Bieber came 2nd