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The fact that I have an extremely limited understanding of French doesn’t take away from the fact that I’m loving everything about this song… And not necessarily in a kinky way either… 😂



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Anyone remember this ad campaign some years ago from Coles here in Australia? Yes it was Status Quo tweaking their song to Coles and their prices going "down down prices are down".

Anyway let's fast forward a few years to now and yep most of the prices are all creeping higher and higher right under your nose. I notice this because I shop all similar items week in and week out.

You know they like to feed us their crap about some prices going down every now and then. But you will never hear any retailer telling you that their prices are rising? Well not unless it's for a good cause like helping the farmers with the price rise on milk etc. Anyway it seems now and I do shop at Coles, Woolworths and Aldi on a weekly basis. And it seems to me that Coles and Woolworths are partners in crime when it comes to matching their store prices to the exacting amount so as a consumer you have no choice but to get screwed on price no matter where you go. Aldi seems like the only one that seriously tries to keep prices lower but it won't be long before they also catch on and match the price of their products to the other big greedy 2 supermarkets.

Anyway here's a good tune maybe that Coles and Woolworths could use for the year 2022. "The Only Way Is Up" by "Yazz" seems to me like a perfect tune for the current price rises across the board at Coles/Woolworths. Maybe they could do a special video clip of the Coles and Woolworths executives dancing around with wads of cash everywhere and them laughing all the way to the bank...?

LOL! Of course you will never see an honest tv commercial like that ever broadcast to the public....LOL! Cheers! ;)

Coles - 2012 TV ad "Status Quo- Down Down" (Prices Are Down)

Coles / Woolworths 2022 TV ad - "Yazz - The Only Way Is Up" (For Our Prices)