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What about Moderator hate threads are THEY allowed?

Should Leo go back into the house because of Tim's cock-up, yes or no.

  • Yes, Tim ruined everything - and Mavis is beautiful.

    Votes: 3 100.0%
  • I don't care I just want skye to wear underpants. And Mavis is beautiful.

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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Mavis Beacon

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Dear fans,

LAST night during Big Brother, as I sat demurely on the couch in my small East Brisbane bedsit, knees together and legs tucked gracefully against the couch below at an angle of no more than fifteen degrees but no less than five, I took the opportunity to not look at sonia's weird hybrid wax dummy/ventriloquist doll's head during one of the ten thousand crosses to the 'live' Queensland.....(bless you Lizzie) to the 'live' Queensland studio even though all the live crosses were delayed never mind I actually live in Queensland *crosses self* (go girl go) so leaning forward, with an elegant hand I began deftly scrolling through the images on the microfiche reader sitting on the doily sitting on the coffee table sitting on the rich polished timber floors sitting before me.

I had received updated screenshots of web pages I like to peruse from my good friend and Belgian foreign exchange student Fingerdert Humpertwink - via my Sharp facsimile machine, and thought rather than count sonia's crow's feet again I would look to see if the Behind Big Brother moderators had finally crossed Richard and the fellow over on the rights' faces out.

A welcome chill blew through the unfaded curtains from the window behind, it had been so hot here in the sub-tropics the day before I thought the heat might fuse my labia together and I unconsciously centred my lemon lime and bitters on the laminated cork drink coaster that depicted a rather playful scene of a time gone by with children playing in cobblestone Parisian streets in sailor costumes and petticoat dresses.

I watched as the coaster caught the condensation beads from the glass just in time and smiled knowingly to myself, marvelling at how precise and perfect my life must appear to all of you.

I thought about drawing the unfaded curtains, scolded my black siamese Whitney Houston for licking hers and secretly admired my meticulously manicured nails as I scrolled to the top of one of the Behind Big Brother pages Fingerdert had sent.

"Well" I thought, "Wonders will never cease it's only been a week but Richard is finally crossed out - good riddance to you four-eyes....annnnnnd the chap next to skyabolical is also crossed out oh and LOOK, so is Leo what,



Now, blind freddy could have predicted last night's eviction, in fact I'd be very surprised if Mr Anti Gretel hasn't scammed at least one of skye's supporters out of some stripper pole hard-earned after all as my good friend Stevie Wonder always says, "Mavis, I hope I live to see the day a black man gets elected to the presidential office and when a brother is finally a candidate I want you to put that briefcase of ben franklins I gave you on him with Fast Desean down on the corner of Fifth and Dingleberry."

I always reply "oh Stevie, you won't live to see anything" and we chortle and carefully raise the fine china tea cups we're drinking from back to our lips lest our mirth is betrayed by tea seeping from my tastefully applied lipstick and stevie's crazy out of control head.

But I digress.

Tim? What the fuck - please. All last week I was thinking "maybe Tim thinks daylight savings is like a time machine.....and that we're all cryogenicially frozen up here in the deep north waiting for next week and flying cars.." but evidently no, given that Leo was totally crossed out even before we got to see him get evicted and whisper into David's ear that skye has an uncircumcised peener.


p.s. tim please don't ban me i heart you, OMG I know ban MADONNA!!.

Your bestie,

M.B. *complicated hand gesture*
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I've got the power
I don't think it was Tim who crossed them out last night though. If you look at the new crosses they are slightly different thickness to the ones already up. Also this is you on the couch.



let 'em spill their guts
I don't know about anyone else, but I thoroughly enjoyed the "oh Stevie you won't live to see anything" line.[DOUBLEPOST=1416280851][/DOUBLEPOST]
There should be a mini cross on David's beard too, that things been gone for weeks now!
Can this please happen? It would be adorable.

Mavis Beacon

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There should be a mini cross on David's beard too, that things been gone for weeks now!

that would be a nice touch. Like not crossing out who gets evicted tonight before the show finishes airing in Queensland would also be a nice touch.

Unless it's skye because we would have heard her clawing at the eviction gate and shrieking like a banshee as the ninjas carried her away anyhow.


All seeing pink butthole floating in space.
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Look I don't even know if this is a joke or what, I didn't read it all.

I was away a lot of last week because I received some pretty devastating family news.

Sometimes things are more important than crossing heads off a website header.
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