Tina Arena Appreciation Thread


i couldn't go last time because i felt it wasn't right with so much bigotry and hatred in the world. why should i deserve such pleasures when the fires of hell are licking our souls every day?


Loving Farm Life
LOL That is just weird! Why deny yourself if you are the fan, you say you are. If the fires from hell are licking our (yours maybe but not mine) souls - why not treat yourself to something in reality, if your really are a true fan .......... Concerts and seeing someone perform in real life, will leave a memory in your brain for a life time.


Loving Farm Life
all good - live your life that way, if you see that (bit sad really) ........ it is your life and whatever way you see the world, and ........ whatever


Have you seen this???

WATCH: Tina Arena On Gender Bias, Supporting Local Artists & The Future Of The Music Industry

Oct 18th 2017 | 3:54pm | Staff Writer
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Want to catch up on everything that happened at this year's BIGSOUND? We're bringing you our favourite panels, keynotes and discussions over the coming weeks. Check out the chat with [PIAS] co-founder Kenny Gates here.
When theMusic first shared our takeaways from Tina Arena's BIGSOUND keynote back in September, it exploded.

With anecdotes like "I also find it sexist that when I performed at Splendour In The Grass, it was good but everyone kept mentioning my age. Paul Kelly played that festival and no one mentioned his age," it's easy to understand why Arena is as relevant as ever.

After a 40+ year long career in the music industry, there isn't much that Tina Arena hasn't seen or experienced. During her BIGSOUND keynote, she shared stories from her life and career, as well as her recommendations for the future of the industry.

Watch Arena's address below.