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Things that Behind BB users always say...


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Bleachy_Dude: something positive.

: Lina's amazing vocal talents.

Mikidiki: Amen ( I remember that from last year when she hung around a lot more)

Trala: 1, 2, 3 back to me....

How funny! I say it in real life too! In fact I have my partner and friends saying it at times!

I don't even realise I do it. I apparently "oh my God!" A lot too.

That seriously made me giggle.


...TRUMP 2020..
Madonna: Slaying. Stunning. Glamorous. Prisus.
Anti-Gretel: I want every female housemate of BB history in my bed right now.
JordanS: *Lisa's face* gif....SAVE RYAN!...RYAN THIS, RYAN THAT! RYAN! RYAN!....
Nan_Taylor: Hup!

Any others? :D

Threads, this late in the series, are not supposed to make sense.