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THE VIRUS 2020 - the good, the bad, and the ugly


Didn't someone official tell us cats cannot catch the virus but dogs can?
Maybe it was around the other way? But I think it was/is dogs are spared, as we have a dog and I would have freaked.

How weird about that tiger, I guess he must have been sickly for them to even test him.

My local chemist has hand sanitiser and masks, several different types
Expensive however, $20 for 250ml, should last us a while
Masks some are $50 & $60 for a pack, singles $6
Direct Discount Chemist if you are in Melbourne


@kxk if you are the Harvey Specter of this forum, then who is the Louis Litt?
Actually, I have never seen even 1 episode of Suits, so no idea who LL is
Just read he has a big heart. so probably @Mr Stickyfingers
Harvey I have watched clips of,he has the best quotes...and seems a bit odd, I like odd

So those forced out of a job because of coronavirus restrictions shouldn't be paid?
Nah, do not take away from financial benefits
However, all those still working are quite stressed and working hard - they deserve something
Maybe an Easter bonus,tax cuts, discounts on everything like petrol

All the medical people are risking their lives and should receive some kind of reward


They previously said that cats and dogs couldn't catch it, but the problem is nobody knows how the virus will evolve. Maybe that tiger already had a compromised immune system?


I think, therefore I am, I think ...
I just went to Woolworths. Didn't see any security guards there.
I'll be off to Woolies tomorrow morning, I guess I'll have to leave plenty of time to get in, at least it'll be safer than last week when I went, crazy people shopping in pairs and blocking whole aisles as they raided the shelves.


I loathe sport on TV...
Woolies in Dianella Perth still had toilet paper on the shelves at 12.00 noon on Sunday!!..! No one was really rushing to buy it either. Small packs of 4 admittedly but it was the good Sorbent stuff and not the home-brand sandpaper quality stuff.

They had paper towels as well. Lots of those actually in packs of 4.

Mr Stickyfingers

an old fart that rants at times...
Awesome site donor
...I cannot believe that some dirty filthy Neanderthals that have an obvious below average mentality and IQ are spitting on / manually shoving and pushing / calling nurses “disease carriers” etc... it sickens me to my core!... what is fucking wrong with those disgusting morons?...

...if I was the Prime Minister I would enact Laws that would have those filthy ungrateful morons to be put in stocks in main streets... then be publicly flogged and have people throw rotten food at them... then shave their heads... tattoo ”ungrateful pigs” on their foreheads... then publically shame them on national TV before putting them in goal for a minimum of 10 long long years!..

...HOW FUCKING DARE THEY!... doing that to the people risking their lives in the front line daily!... I find it truly sickening that Australians could do that to nurses... I feel ashamed that people are capable of doing that... there is no excuse for that type of behaviour no matter for what reason!... if those same pigs ever get the Coronavirus who will be the first people they’ll call when Hospitalised?... yeah... you guessed it?... end of rant!... cheers.🤬🤯😡
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