The Psychology/Body Language/Personality Thread


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Yes, thank you @reepbot

I wonder how many of us have put as much thought into why we tick the way we do as you have. I did some years ago but it was part of the process of my 'formation' as a priest. I probably would never have done it left to my own devices.



that is ok. i'm happy to answer any more questions anyone has.
Would like to ask a few things, and continue this discussion - when my hand is better. Someone fell on me yesterday, right hand took most of my fall under them.
Now all swollen and useless, and of course it is cup day here, my doc/all docs having a holiday.

Started watching GOOD DOCTOR last night, really enjoying that, good actors - interested in what you think of it?


I don't watch free to air tv that much anymore to be honest. I think the only tv i've seen on free to air, apart from the news (though i don't really watch that anymore), would have been bits and pieces of movies when i'm having dinner, letters and numbers, and of course Survivor.

But even if I did watch free to air tv I probably wouldn't watch the show. I don't like watching medical shows. Though I do know the main character in that has autism but because I have not seen the show I can't comment on it.


He claims he has Aspergers. To that I say: "So what?"

That does not or should not excuse or explain away his years of systematically abusive and creepy behavior towards all of those women. The pain he has put them through by using his position of power in such a despicable way.

To be honest I'm more concerned and saddened by the amount of men and women who are and have been abused by those in positions of power than anything about Aspergers.