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...the many things that you remember as a kid or teenager...

I have one similar to that one.

two dead men in the middle of the night,
both got up and started to fight,
back to back they faced each other,
drew their swords and shot each other.

Strange how we remember these things.
…as a 7 year old kid in London’s East End I remember some young girls juggling 3 tennis balls against a wall and they used to say a rhyme to keep pace that went…


…again… I have absolutely no idea what it means?… perhaps it’s a nursery rhyme from the Middle Ages like the ‘ring a ring of roses’ nursery rhyme etc perhaps?… who knows?… but if you say it fast it has a certain melodic tune to it amazingly enough… cheers.
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I know that one as well! Heaven knows what that's all about, but we ran around in the playground saying it!

I'm off to Google it! .... ....
That's all I could find.
I know the version with Om Pom Push at the end.

This is interesting.
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Well, that above was a waste of time. The 2nd link timed out saying we don't have access!

And then there was British Bulldog the boys used to play, and if we were lucky, the girls could join in.
And then ... kiss chase! 💋
I remember running slowly away from the ones I wanted to be caught by! 😅
I know that one as well! Heaven knows what that's all about, but we ran around in the playground saying it!

I'm off to Google it! .... ....
That's all I could find.
I know the version with Om Pom Push at the end.

This is interesting.
…ha!… I didn’t know that there were different versions of it… I just thought that those girls just made it up as they went along… so they were actually doing a version of an actual nursery rhyme eh?… I wonder what the original version was about?… interesting indeed… cheers.
…I remember something from when I was at School… I was probably about 14-15 years old… you know when you get a boogah/booger? up your nose which is half in and out your nose and it makes that sort of whistling or flute sound?… usually you can give your nose a good blow and it goes away…

…well… there was this kid in class at my School ( called Barry something… can’t remember his surname )… and he had that problem all the time… it must’ve been some sort of permanent nasal problem but he could never get rid of the noise… anyway… whenever we were trying to concentrate during class it was usually dead quite… except for the whistling sound in Barry’s nose lol!… it was so loud at times… and quite annoying at most times…

…one of the funniest times was when we were sitting for our exams… the whole room was so silent because everyone was so tense because of the exams in progress… we all started our exams… after a few seconds we could all hear Barry’s nose starting to whistle louder and louder… until one of the female classmates started to giggle… then more and more of us started laughing too… eventually the whole class erupted into loud laughter… the female teacher overseeing/watching us got all flustered and walked out of the room to seek advice from one of the masters on what to do about restarting the exam after settling the class down… when he walked in everyone shitted themselves because he was one of those masters that you didn’t mess around with… everyone feared him…

…except me of course… because I had recently emigrated from London’s East End I was as common as shit with a fearless attitude towards authority… I wasn’t scared of anything or anyone ( I only respected my mum and dad )… I was a ‘snotty nosed little git’ ( as my mum sometimes called me when I used to play up at times )… the master told us all to stop laughing and take our exams seriously and then told Barry that he needed to stop making that whistling noise with his nose ( the teacher had obviously told him what started us all off )… because I was the class clown that was always in trouble… I said something like “yeah Barry… stop breathing through your nose will ya… try breathing through your bum!”… well…

THAT cracked the whole class up completely… the master told me to meet him in his room after the exam for punishment of some sort… we all got back to our exams and completed them… they were the easiest exams that we had ever had… Barry’s whistling nose had completely stopped the tense mood within us all and had single handidly made them a breeze to take lol!… good old Barry!… lol!…

…I went to the masters room to accept my punishment… as far as I remember he just gave me a ’stern talking to’… ( perhaps he saw the funny side of it?… to this day I still don’t know lol! )… anyway… it’s good to see that Barry used his whistling nose for good and not evil lol!… cheers.
There's always one snotty nosed kid in the class. Our was a wee fellah called Roger. This was in primary school so we'd have been about 6 or 7.
We all sat a little tables facing each other, so it was hard not to watch.
Roger's nose was one big slimy green mass, that much that when he breathed out he blew aa bubble, and as he breathed in again, in it went, and then out it came again. A constant sauce of entertainment for the likes of me who was usually very easily distracted!

And then there was always the kid with the national health wire rimmed round glasses with one lens patched over with tape 😂 Patrick Walker, the serious one of the class.
…I’ve been watching the snow falling in the USA on the news… man it’s hitting them hard!… I remember when the snow fell hard in England at Christmas when I was a little kid… when I went out in the Winter Wonderland (as I thought of it at that young age)… I was up to my balls in snow!… I think that was the first time that I realised that my testicles were something of importance and that I needed to start protecting them more for another use later in my life (it must’ve been a natural instinct or something)… lol!… anyway… a good lesson learned methinks!… cheers. 🧐😬🙂
…a strange little fact about myself… since I was a little kid my eyes have always been a vivid bright blue… so intense blue that people always remarked about them when I was a child… well… I’m going to be turning 70 in June… I noticed that my eyes have changed to a light hazel type of colour… so I Googled it… apparently it’s a natural thing to happen as you age… I never knew that…. (most times when people ask me what colour eyes I had… I used to reply “bloodshot’ lol!)… cheers.
…I wrote this in the’Today I…’ thread…

…today my sweet darling wife and myself went to the river near where we live early this morning… (Swansea NSW)… as we were going along the riverbank a butterfly landed on my hand that was controlling my wheelchair… as it happened I fully expected for the heavens to open up / a rainbow to appear / angels start to sing “on the day that you were born the angels got together and create a dream come true” in the background and a Unicorn to gallop past… but none of that happened… so I just enjoyed the butterfly on me for a brief few seconds instead… anyway… it was nice while it lasted lol!… (maybe I’ll win the lottery on something?)… lol!… cheers.

…when I was a kid in England the only insect that I could allow to touch my skin at the time were Spiders because in England there are no such thing as poisonous Spiders… I’d play with them all the time and let them crawl all over me… even over my face!… but when we immigrated to Australia and I found out that there were such things as poisonous Spiders I never touched them from that point onwards… I’m terrified of Cockroaches and black Christmas Beetles… and can only tolerate Butterflies and Ladybugs touching my skin… not any other kind of bug at all lol!… funny how tolerance’s change from childhood to adulthood eh?… lol!… cheers.
…I remember when at the age of 13 when we first immigrated to Australia in the 60’s that my parents took us somewhere (can’t remember where exactly) where some Aborigines were playing Didgeridoos… I was completely enraptured by the beautiful sound… it was hypnotic… my parents had to drag me away so that they could carry on with their intended business… since that day I’ve always been fascinated by the rhythmic sound… so much in fact… that I went and did a TAFE course (when I retired from work) being conducted by an Aborigine teacher where I eventually learned how to play one… I actually bought a raw Didgeridoo from him that he had made himself (I now have three of them that I used to play)… (I can’t play them since my last major stroke because I no longer have the lung capacity that I had then)…

…so Kudos to the original Aborigine that thought “hmmmmm!… I wonder what sound I’ll get if I blow into this hollow log?… I just might give it a go”… thankyou for giving us that sound… it’s a hard thing to play a Didgeridoo… you have to do a kind of ‘circular breathing’… you basically have to breathe in and out at the same time (I‘m sure that someone else could describe the action better than me lol!)… but I’ve always been fascinated by Didgeridoos from that day onwards as a kid at 13… such a beautiful sound… relaxing… like wind chimes or pan flute music… there’s nothing like it… cheers.
…I remember that when I was in London when I was about 10 - 12 years old that we used to love eating Semolina and a pudding called ‘spotted dick’… we had it with Custard… I haven’t had them since methinks… I wonder what they taste like all these years later?… is Semolina still a thing?… hmmmm… I might investigate next time we go to Woolies… the ‘spotted dick’ pudding looked like this… cheers.

…mum also used to make the best bread pudding that I ever tasted… even up until her death at 84… she would never ever reveal her recipe… when she died my brother and sister and I were going through her personal belongings as you do and in a box where she always sat in the loungeroom was her most private possessions… inside the box was THE infamous bread pudding recipe!… my brother and sister and I were like Indiana Jones discovering a long lost relic lol!…

…the recipe was from the early 1960s so it was tattered and frayed so much that I laminated it so as to preserve it… I made it a few times but it NEVER tasted as good as mums version sadly… I guess she must’ve tweaked it to make it her own lol!…good onya mum lol!… it looked similar to this… cheers.

1674089130020.jpeg 1674089175659.jpeg 1674089220761.jpeg
…I remember that when I was about 10 or 11 years old (or there abouts) that the movie ‘The Guns of Navarone’ was a big hit War movie starring Gregory Peck and David Niven (plus numerous other stars)…


…in that movie they were both wearing ‘Duffel’ coats… they were like a waterproof woollen overcoat with a hood and had wooden pegs instead of normal buttons to do them up… they became quite the rage at the time because everyone wanted to look like their heroes…


…once I saw them I wanted a ‘Duffel’ coat too… I kept on at mum and dad constantly to buy me one… but because we were poor and were living in a slum area they kept telling me that they couldn’t afford to buy one for me… I was devastated… all of my friends had them… just not me… anyway… mum and dad must‘ve saved and saved for ages because on my Birthday a few months later… there one was… I was amazed… I never forgot what they did for me…

…the sad part of the story?... as it happened I kept having a massive allergic reaction to the fabric (I still do to this day with certain fabrics…mostly with woollen type fabrics)… I only wore my prized ‘Duffle‘ coat about 3 times all up… I was once again totally devastated… they handed it down to my younger brother who absolutely hated it lol!… in the end he refused to wear ‘the bloody shit coat’… my mum eventually gave it to one of my cousins… so therein lies my ‘Duffle coat’ story… mum and dad always made sacrifices for us three kids in the background without us being thankful for it most times… my brother and sister were too young to be grateful and I was a little ungrateful git at the time when I should’ve known to be grateful.. but thankfully I am so much now… man I loved my parents… I wish that they were still around to say “thankyou” to…cheers.
… oh my giddy aunt!… this is the rough price of the original makers (Gloverall) Duffel coats…

…this is what they can go up to with other makers of Duffel coats nowadays!… rip off or what?… cheers.

…does anyone remember the game called ‘Pong’?… I think it came out in the early 70’s… I was about 19 or thereabouts methinks?… it looked like this…


…it was just 2 bats and a ball… it was such a simple computer game… it may have been the original computer game maybe?…

…my 3 year younger brother was soooooooo good at the game… he always kicked the shit out of me in the game… he had such quick reflexes… he was a sort of local champ in our town… everybody kept challenging him to try and beat him but nobody could… I so envied him lol!…he was even better at ‘Pacman’… and ‘Donkey Kong’… (remember them?… or am I so old that only I do?… lol!)… anyway… memories… so much sweeter then they are… lol!… cheers.
…it’s just rained here… ever since I was a kid in merry old England I have always loved the smell of the rain first starting to hit the dusty ground and creating that real ‘Earthy’ smell… there’s nothing like it… I love it!… cheers.
…I love when the rain starts coming down and hits the dirt and dust and gives out that real ‘Earthy’ smell… it moves me every time… I love it!!… it has always been that way since I was a kid in England… cheers.
Wow, you've been busy here Mr Sticky!
I remember all the above I've only just seen.
Had to laugh at the Duffle Coat. Remember the balaclava? 😅
And I do love that earthy smell when when it rains. There's just something about it. Just like a freshly cut lawn (apart from the sneezing it brings on)