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...the many things that you remember as a kid or teenager...


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I had followers growing up.
Except they were friends and I didnt have to upload choreographed fictious and staged antics and photos.
We are reaching a a real dire nadir in human society when false currencies of popularity are crafted.
And revered and slavishly and foolishly looked upon as admiration.
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You might have to look hard and delve deep since I dont have any.


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February said:
Not often, but we went a good few times. I don't remember seeing them disappear. They just all seemed to go.
Why were they closed, had the novelty worn off?

Ha! I do remember the Sizzlers around here did have a food poisoning outbreak back in those days, and I think it closed soon after that.

The other day I remembered when I was younger there was these pressurized flavoured spray cans that we used to make milkshakes. Luckily someone has uploaded the original tv ad onto youtube. I thought these were great just spray the flavour into a glass of milk for an instant chocolate, strawberry or vanilla flavoured milkshake! You don't see these on any supermarket shelves anymore...lol