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...the many things that you remember as a kid or teenager...

Mr Stickyfingers

an old fart that rants at times...
Awesome site donor
I love this thread thank you for starting it @Mr Stickyfingers

I read it lying in bed, trying to catch up, but just at page 7 so far, it's a nice slow giggly read
It is a bit like a book/short stories, lovely if you are feeling a bit shit, and if your hands are too sore to post stuff
Could be edited into a fun article or short story one day

Love, love, love how many kids had condensed milk as a treat/desired.....My brother and I used to get a tin each for Xmas
...I’m glad that you like the thread kxk... thanks for letting me know... I started it because nice thoughts of my childhood often popped into my head and one day I thought ‘why write it down so that I don’t forget it’... then I started writing them down for my own self satisfaction... as they started to mount up and become quite a few memories... I thought ‘why not share them with other people and see if they remember similar things?... hence how the thread started!... lol!...

...like yourself... I really enjoy reading other posts that people put up here of their childhood memories... some of them crack me up... I’ve never thought of them as ‘short stories’ before but what a great way of looking at them!... now you have me wanting to re-read this thread just to remember them yet again lol!... thankyou for instilling that great idea into me kxk... again... I’m glad that you like the thread... cheers.