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It won’t cost them anything to fire him as he’s out of contract.

Looks like his career is over for now, but pencil him in for I’m a Celeb 2023.

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I think Peta Credlin should host The Chase now.

Most likely will be Sonia Kruger though.
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How awesome 2 of my favourite warm hearted classy shows return in 1 week
Dog House is back tonight, 7pm on 10, such a sweet, sweet show, and previews showing lots of cuties
( I love how they analyse the dogs and people)

And sqeeeeeee 4year olds are back
(In case you don’t know, check out abc, they have clips of the last lot keeping in contact, aww,
kids sending letters drawings etc, lots of extra clips)

Now, if stupid 9 could please give Escape to the Chateau to anyone else........who can treat it better


Battle with monsters, lest ye become a monster
Sadly 10play website has been “fixed” so you can’t play programs with an adblocker any more.


Never again

Thoughts? For me I wasn't that shocked that not many British sitcoms made the list. But in no way in hell is the US office better than the UK office. And Fawlty towers is far, far too low.
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The Cook Up, Adam Liaw’s show, 7pm Monday-Friday, sbs

This is a great little unpretentious food show
I try to catch it each evening or otherwise
It is just 30mins, and each show I have watched has given me a handy food tip or recipe

Eg I have not cooked with lemongrass as I find it too woody, tip grate it
Leaves all the wood fibre behind
3 ways with mince was another I found super useful
Deep frying Brussel sprouts
And Yum’s instant apple pie

Food shows that are long, just lose me, this is a charming quickie