The Celebrity Apprentice 2022

Lightning McQueen

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I enjoyed it, but I call shenanigans.

Benji was obviously the nicest person and the *heart* winner,
But how did he even make any money? Either someone fiddled the books or they are giving a dishonest edit.
And don't get me started on how they organised everything in 24 hours.
The Wiggles alone would be booked for months in advance, and did non-performer Benji really get a costume fitted and learn a full routine in a few hours? I have an aversion to them anyway, but good on them for doing it for free,
How did Darren and Carla manage to transform a shed into a beautiful ballroom overnight, as well as everything else they supposedl;y did?

Still, it's for charity, so well done everyone.
He made the money from corporate sponsorship.

Lightning McQueen

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Maybe, but we didn't see enough of it in the edit.
It was all Janine worrying that he was giving everything away for free.
They did show a lot of it - for example, the part where they got the huge donation from Harvey Norman for naming rights and Benji wearing their T-shirt...