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The Bachelor 2020 - Locky version


I found Zoe-Claire’s meltdown uncomfortable to watch and was stunned that the producers actually showed it. The flawed underdog edit? Still.... surprised. Illuminating on both counts.


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If you watch his survivor seasons, and beyond seeing the fakeness of Locky, it might also help you understand strategy, then you'll see what I mean.


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I struggled watching this tonight. I think I started at about 10:30 and I've only just finished...two hours later!

Locky is boring and just doesn't raise any emotions one way or the other for me. Most of the "women" are laughable...and not in a good way! The drama, the tears, the tantrums etc...all over a man they hardly know? Geez, girls, do yourselves a favour and try to retain some dignity! BUT I guess that all went out the door when they signed up for this circus.

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Locky's tattoo for me is incredibly annoying. It makes my eyes think that he has got the old earphone wires snaking up his neck. Just can't be unseen.


Gave up after 15 mins last night
He isn’t good enough to join bogan status
He is the bottom of the barrel
He is a YOBBO.....
Odd isn’t he, physically attractive, but the vessel is empty
Easily led
Feels like he needs someone bossy actually...

I popped back for the end of cocktails and the elimination, the only part worth watching
I want a few to walk and tell him, ya dreamin mate
And get Red pissed again

Edit now
Quite a bitchy lot
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I thought tonight was better (or maybe I had a better day at work than yesterday?)

I agree that he seems to fall for anyone that he is with at any given time (or says he has)...and I still can't get over the girls reactions and emotions to a situation that they signed up for...what did they expect?

Bit of silly fluff for me before I go to bed and watch Glee...again! More silly fluff but I love singing.


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I'm sick of the stunt casting. I wish they'd have a man who at least looks the part, like Todd. It's all so unromantic, with giant gronks like Locky and that gruesome Honey Badger. The Bachelor is supposed to be a catch, not some bogan with athlete's foot and a regrettable chest tatt.

The women are usually the best part about The Bachelor, but this lot are rather unendearing, and the edit is very on the nose, ramming the obnoxious ones down our throats and heavy on making fools out of the drunken hysterics, etc. Nadine's revelations make the whole thing seem even more pointless to watch, but then Matty J has come along and said she is a big bitter liar whose pants are on fire, so who knows; mind you, his final choice was sort of prearranged so maybe he's defensive... I am really looking forward to a group date that doesn't feature Areeba talking herself up in the third person and being aggressively awful. Or Laura, or any of the other 'ugly sisters' in this fairytale glowering and spitting their commentary over the favoured one of the moment.

So far I enjoy Steph/Daddy, and Rosemary in small doses, and that goofy Charley, and Caitlyn doesn't seem bad. The rest are either pretty unlikeable or else interchangeable. So many blondes. But I still appreciate the light relief of it, if only for the sparkly lights and shimmering gowns.

Fucking Locky, though... That special rose he gave out seems to have been a diversionary tactic. I feel sad for these women putting themselves through this in what is about to unfold as a global pandemic, and really not at all excited about ever seeing any of them again on BIP.


I just watch the night time bits, cocktails and eliminations are funny, but so demeaning
Occasionally a group date, when they are all in and aggressive and funny, like that one in the mud
Locky is repulsive, cannot watch him swapping saliva....:(


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The Bachelor is supposed to be a catch, not some bogan with athlete's foot and a regrettable chest tatt.
Not closely watching this season, but I had a similar thought, when did being a reality tv participant/instagrammer become enough for this show? For comparison, this is the original bachelor:

Personal life
Michel was born in Charlottesville, Virginia, the son of a corporate executive and a marriage and family therapist.[3] He has two younger sisters.

At Darien High School, Michel was the valedictorian, student body president, homecoming king, and captain of the swim team. He graduated with honors from Harvard College, majoring in History and Literature, and was a member of the varsity swimming and water polo teams. During college, he spent a summer working as an analyst in the Office of Management and Budget in the Executive Office of the President of the United States.

After college, he worked in the U.S. Embassy in Mexico. He later became a documentary travel video producer, which took him to Australia, Brazil, China, Fiji, India, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Venezuela among others. He speaks Spanish and some Portuguese.

Michel later returned to school and earned an MBA at Stanford University's Graduate School of Business in 1998. He worked at CNET as a television producer, and at the Boston Consulting Group as a management consultant. He was named the Sundance Institute New Producing Fellow for 1993.


Angie Kent lowered the bar for Bachelorettes.
Still a glittering jewel compared to the lows set for Bachelors by the Honey Badger.


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Honey Badger's season of the Bachelor was one of the two I'd watched before this season (the other one was Matt Agnew's season).

I couldn't stand him and not for one minute did I think he was believable at all! Who talks like that? NO ONE! He was supposed to be some lovable larrikin but instead he came across as fake and a bogan. Or is that an insult to bogans?


they have cast the weirdest
Tatt girl is actually, by the looks of it, hearing voices and hallucinating
Is she another bad drunk
And where is bonkers red tonight? She was so drunk 1st night
Here we go,


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Well, tonight had everything, didn't it? Bad drunks, drama, the inevitable bitchiness and a touch of paranoia...who could want more? Oh and Locky falling for another one that he happens to be with at the time...deja vu? Haha.