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All these two-bit tabloid style programs from other channels (ha!), need to LEAVE HONEY BADGER ALONE. It's super sad when Channel 9 need to chase down Channel 10 stars for a story. And to harrass someone on a holiday is so damn uncool.

The story is over, done, dusted. Except the media vultures are desperate for it not to be.

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The Sunday Project is going back for a second helping, this time with a live interview with the HB.
I thought the last shock horror story that aired was absolutely, 100%, the only interview he'd ever give 😆
He must’ve realised he needs a bit more reputational management than he first thought. might be Channel 10's way of telling 'A Current Affair' to keep their grubby little mitts off him perhaps?... I can just imagine it now... "nah na na naaa naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!... we have him and you don't Tracey Grimforsure!... back off bitch!"... talk about rubbing Salt into their wounds lol!... cheers.


Project doing damage control with Nick.....
Basically he is telling us the premise of the show he cannot deal with, WTF you know what this show entails
he is so full of shit
Trying hard to make him look better
All this is telling me - you did this for fame and are a great big fake wanker


I could write a much better script for Nick, useless damage control from a vested interest

He should say these girls were too classy and out of his league, and that is what hit me, I had been dreaming in a bubble
And, Romy the bitch is about my level and i should of gone for a frolic with her, she was molesting me and a bogan like me
The Bachelor star Nick Cummins’ embarrassing no-show, as he cancels book tour appearances
THE Honey Badger is meant to be promoting his new book, but ditched appearances today at the last minute.

NICK Cummins has proven once again that he is absolutely useless at commitment, cancelling the first two scheduled appearances of his national book tour today.

The Bachelor star’s first book, The Honey Badger Guide To Life, went on sale on Tuesday.
Pan Macmillan timed its release with the finale of his reality romance show last week, but that decision has caused chaos.
Cummins was a no-show at his planned appearances for the book, which already required panicked last-minute edits, including a cover change to remove “love tips”.

A publishing source told News Corp that Pan Macmillan “thought they were sitting on a gold mine” when they presented the original cover and text to senior executives earlier this year.

The book was previously titled The Honey Badger Guide To Life (and Love) and included a chapter on love advice, but the version currently on sale omits all mentions of romance.

Cummins shocked fans when he chose not to pick either of the show’s final two contestants, Sophie Teiman and Brittany Hockley, as his partner.

For the past few weeks Cummins has been hiding from the media in Papua New Guinea, walking the Kokoda Track.
He was hounded by photographers upon his return to Brisbane on Thursday, and when asked to explain himself said: “It was six months ago mate … I think we’re all over it … I think you need to get over it.”

It was a massive backflip for the publicity hungry Cummins, who happily pocketed the reported $250,000 fee from Channel 10 to appear on The Bachelor, as well as lucrative pay cheques from numerous endorsement deals.

At the beginning of this month, an eager publicist sent media outlets a list of Cummins’ scheduled book tour appearances at Big W stores and book shops around the country.

He was supposed to appear at two Big W outlets today — at Erina Fair on the NSW central coast and at Warringah Mall on Sydney’s northern beaches, but cancelled at the last minute.’s emails, calls and texts to Cummins’ publicist went unanswered, but employees at both shopping centres confirmed the events had been cancelled.

“We’re sorry to break the news but wish to advise that Nick Cummins’ appearance/book signing of The Honey Badger Guide To Life scheduled for today in Big W has unfortunately been cancelled,” Erina Fair Shopping Centre wrote on its Facebook page this morning.

A similar message was posted on the Warringah Mall page.

“Unfortunately Nick Cummins aka The Honey Badger, has had to cancel today’s book signing at Big W Westfield Warringah Mall. Ah shucks Nick, now we know how those Bachelorettes felt,” the post read.

The hundreds of fans who commented on both posts had little sympathy for Cummins.

“What a loser. Can’t commit to anything,” commented one woman. “Can that man disappoint people anymore than he already has?” wrote another.

“Couldn’t even commit to a book signing,” one person wrote. “Guess he ‘wasn’t ready’,” said another.

“I guess his head was cloudy and he couldn’t, in good conscience, commit to signing books for an hour,” one woman joked.

“Gee he has really come up in the world … Big W book signing!!!” wrote another.

When Cummins’ was grilled by Lisa Wilkinson on The Project last Sunday night, he said he didn’t want to pick a girl he knew he would soon break up with.

“Why would I go in and start something that has a high potential of three months down the track breaking her heart, you know? I’d rather make a very hard decision then at that point to save a big scar on the heart later,” he told Wilkinson.

During the finale, Cummins claimed he “hates” hurting people.

“I just know in my heart that I did the right thing,” he said.

“There are two amazing women walking out of my life. It wouldn’t be fair to enter into something that a few months down the track I would be breaking her heart.

“I came here for a chance at love and now I’m going to have to start again,” adding, optimistically, “she’s out there!”

Cummins’ agent Nick Fordham, the brother of radio and TV host Ben Fordham, who also represents Lisa Wilkinson, said the outcome of last week’s finale had only “enhanced” the Honey Badger’s reputation and brand value.

“Nick showed great integrity and character and held true to his values during the entire series,” he told News Corp.

“His commercial partnerships are rock solid and he is definitely not short of opportunities.”

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Ok, here is the interview. This is the most real he has been for the whole season. It feels like this is the first time he hasn't talked around in circles and been completely vague.

...I may cop some flak for saying this but after watching that interview I feel that Nick was honest enough to do the right thing and not pick either girl to be honest... if after all of those weeks that he felt that he hadn't felt or found true 'love' in his heart then why not pick neither?... as he said... why go through 3 months (in doing the Media circus in other words) of pretending to have found 'true love' just for the tabloids etc?... and to then have to tell the woman that you picked that you don't really 'love' her just to hurt her even more... why do that to her just to please TV Producers and Tabloid Magazines?... at least he was honest enough to admit it...

...he did explain that his Kokoda trip had been planned for a year beforehand (something the Media neglected to inform us about no doubt)... whether that's true or not then probably only he knows but I'd believe him before I'd believe the likes of 'A Current Affair' or other such parasitic Channels or Magazines...

...obviously the two girls were devastated on the night of their dual rejection but at least they had each other to console with which would've been a whole lot harder on your own down the Media circus track 3 months later... I think that Nick went in with the right intentions but as the show got towards the end he was disenchanted that he hadn't found 'true love' about 2-3 weeks prior to the finale at the latest to be honest...

...I don't think that Nick is a mean spirited person and is quite respectful towards women in general but let's face it... he is a Footballer of sorts so there is plenty of room for refinement in him isn't there?... he most likely could feel that he offered so much at the beginning of his season but now feels that he delivered so little in the end and could be feeling a tad bit embarrassed about it now perhaps?... either way he knew the dangers beforehand associated with the realities of 'Reality TV' before he went into it so yes... he could be found guilty of taking it on to further his Media career or whatever but that's the price he now has to pay I guess?... kxk says above... "He should say these girls were too classy and out of his league"... yes they were and yes he should have just said so if he was truly honest and felt that way... he would've had Australia agreeing with him and a few more may have been on his side now too lol!... and... I think that when the three bitches were dumped that THAT was the moment that he grew wary that he was never going to find anyone in the long run to be honest... and yes... one of those 3 may have been his type... when they went... he probably knew right there and then that he had to begrudgingly see the show through until the end and 'go through the motions' of finding supposed 'love'... well that's what I think anyway...

...whatever myself or other people think of him matters sweet fug all... he has to live with the fallout of this complete shitfest and in doing so now knows the fallout of wanting to stay relevant on TV and in the Media the hard way... oh well... one day Cass will tap him on the shoulder at a Nightclub somewhere and might say "want to go out on a date Nick?"... they do and then get married and have 10 kids and live on a Farm somewhere for the rest of their lives... either way... I really don't give a shit now lol!... cheers.


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I haven't watched the project but have read this article which I hope is a true representation of it. I have never thought him picking nobody is a problem, I think that is the best thing to do if you aren't feeling it. It was douchey things he was doing like running off, and the social media comments etc that was pissing me off. This interview has gone some way in restoring some faith he may not be the completely unfeeling tool I had judged him to be.
Just one more point. Regarding the Kokoda trip being planned a year in advance...If Channel 10 knew he would be out of the country for the finale why did they start broadcasting the bachelor when they did? Nick said they filmed 6 months ago. Normally there is only about 3 months between finishing filming and the finale. That seems a bit weird to me.