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Speculation: Big Brother Australia in 2019?


Canadian Royality
Yeah, seems a step backward. A bit old fashioned to my eye.

I don’t hate it... That said this design looks much sharper and modern which still protraying the same message...


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No Big Brother return on Ten. It looks like the same old stale schedule on all the networks next year.


Battle with monsters, lest ye become a monster
And you ladies can watch Peach while us fellas smoke cigars and watch the important stuff on BOSS.

What’s Rove doing? He was in the new promo tonight.

edit: never mind I see his pilot week show is going ahead.

matts bb

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I wouldn’t write it off yet. From what I have seen there are a massive chunk of shows that haven’t been decided on yet that currently air, I imagine there will be more programming announcements and commissioning happening next year. Either that or 2020 would be my bet. This seems to be only the beginning of them rebuilding. Can’t just flip a switch and improve the network overnight.