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Speculation: Big Brother Australia in 2019?


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I retweeted it but doesn't show up as a retweet I don't know why.

I am pretty sure I saw Hans' face on the retweet.

I would retweet it if I had Twitter but I have had way too many negative experiences with people on that site to ever consider joining up again. Ha ha.


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27 retweets so far...

48 retweets now.

If anyone on here has a twitter account and they would be interested in a Big Brother revival on 10 please retweet! We need to have as many retweets as possible to impress them. You never know this could be a big factor in getting Big Brother back on the air in the next couple of years and on the right channel.

Again, this is the tweet you need to retweet:
Hans doesn't have a face. Hans is a hand.
Hans is a hand and Timmy is the spunky blue fellow. 😉


we are still a long way off the target, but we can reach it by keeping the RT Alive..


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