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Shark Tank 2018


I loathe sport on TV...
...SeanE always does great summaries on the show FatPants... they are more interesting to read than watching the show itself at times... I always look forward to them... he always does a great job with them lol!... cheers.
Just remember I’m in WA so don’t get to see the show until a few hours after you lot over east.


I loathe sport on TV...
Episode 3

Body of Nothing

All talk and nothing to actually show beyond a bunch of personal claims. Definitely selling air as Steve said. They’re offering nothing new, nothing special.... basically *nothing* really.

350k in the hole and what’s makes up a hole? Nothing! Somehow they’re making money out of it though (minus their lost 350k money to some old mentor who gave them ... nothing... at the end of the day and left them with ...nothing... in the bank.)

I kinda got lost with all their numbers being thrown about. But they admitted their basic fault in the business. Personal trainers (their staff) only last an average of 9 months in the job. So once they’re gone you’re left with... nothing!

Which is what they got from the sharks...

Dairy Dumper:

Apart from the scale, these are nothing new actually. When I was in the UK back in the 90’s I drove a little front tipper truck that was about triple the size of this thing but essentially identical in concept.

So his claim that this design (I won’t say invention..) of his as being the first in the world is false. It’s just smaller.

He needs this investment. The dairy industry has collapsed as they said so without this product he’s going to lose the farm eventually. But the sharks weren’t going to help him with their money though, which I thought was a bit of a mongrel move. At least Andrew said he’d help him out by making some contact calls so maybe he’ll be able to get that licence deal?

I can see Kennards Hire or Bunnings stocking these. I reckon once they’re out there people would buy them. Not too big and ideal for someone with a large suburban property or a hobby farm.

Eyeliner gives you wings!

I thought it was meant to be RedBull but apparently eyeliner does it too...

Neat idea though. Both my wife and daughter were both going ‘Yes!’ when she described the idea. Mind you, you *can* do these wings by cutting a template out of an old business card and use that to shape the wing. Then you just flip it over for the other eye and ta-dah! Identical wings! But I suppose a simple stamp is even quicker and easier.

Heh, great bargaining bit. But at least she got her deal even if it was higher than she wanted to go.

Big plans:

Projecting your home life size onto a floor, chuck in some furniture and let you walk around and see what it all looks like. You know you can do this onscreen in AutoCAD right?...

When my daughter and her then boyfriend (who was a brickie...) built their house about 10 years ago, Daniel mapped the entire house plan out in 3D in AutoCAD and they could virtually walk around their house and change things even before a single brick was laid. Daniel had their house, front yard and back alfresco all designed long before the house existed. At the end of it all it all looked just like they planned and had changed months before. These guys only give you a 2D look with the floor plan. What if there’s a second story? How to gain the perspective of this and how it relates to the ground floor? The 3D virtual feature of AutoCAD does this.

But these guys want $2 million for their idea and then want to slog any franchisee about a million just to share the idea! Typical builder huh? Used to charging through the nose for something they know costs pennies. The IT guy came off to me like a bit of a shyster in his demeanour. I really think they’re pulling a fast one on this.

The sharks main concerns was the entry costs and can it be scaled up (no,no it can't...), but I think they were wise to drop out of this. It’s unnecessary and can be done in other ways.
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I loathe sport on TV...
I missed the start of the show this week... anyway...

The Beardy Boat Guy

I missed his pitch so I don't really know what he's about. Boat tours in Croatia apparently. The sharks were all over it though and he got his deal even though he was pissing them off by not wanting to make a decision it seems.

Mind you I'm a bit suspicious of the enthusiasm the sharks give to these holiday-type pitches. I always get the feeling that they're more interested in getting a cheap vacation for themselves than actually helping out the company.

Friends, Romans, Countrymen.. Lend me your Ears!

Dear lawd she was clueless wasn't she? A 20 second pitch and that was it. For what? A condom for your ear so you don't get stains or stuff in it? Plus it doesn't actually work...

So, rightfully so that she didn't get funded but the sharks started to get a bit mean and nasty on her when they saw the idea and heard her pitch. Some people just aren't ready to sell their product and at one point the sharks would have all been there too. No need to get nasty about it. Still she went off full of enthusiasm and undeterred so good for her...

A nugget of an idea

More bloody donuts! Told you that this was going to be the 'app' product for this season.

These though are basically chicken patties with a hole in them so apart from the shape they're nothing special. But he's got determination at least and wants them at every footy game, beach kiosk, fish and chip shop etc. but they're bloody expensive. I think Steve was into it because he was hungry doing the show but for that price I'd have to be very hungry to buy one. Managed to piss off the missus though didn't he? She wasn't too happy. Personally I saw them being in food trucks rather than footy games etc. Four'n'Twenty and the big producers have got that area pretty much locked up.

Flash Jack comes out to play

Smooth wasn't he..? Had his sales pitch and knew how to play to a client. All the right script and a personal sob story for his background as well. But the sharks know how to do that too so he wasn't playing anyone really. Actually they played him when he went with all 3 for 30%! He had his deal as he asked for at 20% but then he *really* wanted all 3 on board for more of his company...? I'm guessing he has a bigger plan and reason why he really wanted that to happen but I can't guess what. Maybe there's more to the play than we've been let on... and might be dodgy...?


I loathe sport on TV...
Episode 5

Parenting Perils: Subo bottle

Normally I look for something to be snarky about in the deals because its fun but this time I've got nothing. This was a brilliant idea and they've ticked all the boxes and done everything a shark would be looking for. New idea, patents secured worldwide, interest from secondary markets... you name it.

The only thing I initially questioned was that you can puree any meal and suck it through a straw in a normal bottle. But then they told us about the valve that stops the food sliding back down the bottle and that shot my snark down in flames.

But at least I get to have a go at Steve. He's got two '30 month' old kids??? C'mon... you stop counting your new baby as 'months' after they're 12 months old. Why? Because after that they are 1 YEAR OLD and 30 months? That's over 2 years old so they're TWO, not '30 months'...

Vegan Varieties:

Ok this week they're not making it easy. Again a person who's got most of their ducks lined up in a row and its a good idea. Vegan mild curries in a heatable pack. But hangon... isn't that just a Maggi Instant Meal from the late 70's/ early 80's? I think so...so she hasn't actually come up with anything new here. Just refined and repackaged an existing concept.

Her valuation was a bit wacky which the sharks picked up on. $71,000 last year and now this year that's somehow going to jump to $1.04 million??? Oh, she's expanding into the 4 States. Ummm... hang on, last time I looked there are 6 States in Australia plus a bunch of territories. So basically she's got the usual Eastern Stater's mentality where Australia ends at the Murray-Darling river basin and anything west of that may as well be in Africa.

And they wonder why the ES-er's give us WA/SA people the shits...?

Still she got her investment so good for her.

When you drill down into it...

This is a good idea again. A double chuck drill that allows you to switch with a flick of a lever rather than stop, change drill bits, start again, stop once more 30 seconds later... and so on.

But this was pretty much a poster lesson for NOT getting too deep into an investment hole before you start producing and selling something. $2.3 million in the hole, no inheritance for the kids left as he's sold his farms and also nothing besides his own personal example of the drill to show for it.

The sharks are right, he NEEDS the licensing deal from the manufacturers to be able to get a percentage of every sale but he'll never get his 2.3 back or show a profit due to his age. But at least the sharks offered to help him, give him some contacts and meet-and-greets but not their money.

Acting up:

Alright!! Finally, something to snark about!

Most of you know that I colour comic art on the side when my day job is a high school teacher. It started as a cheap hobby because all I needed was a computer, a copy of photoshop, and some lineart - which I can get for free off the internet. Then I got good at it, and I started doing work for money and then I got picked up by Zenescope doing monthly covers and that's now in its 5th year...

But at no point have I entertained the idea that I'm going to quit my $100k a year teaching job and go and colour comics full time. The money's just not there. I make about $1500 - $2500 a year off it and so it pays for little extras like a new computer screen, comfy chair, VIP tickets to Cirque du Soleil when its in town, that sort of thing.

This is what this girl has. A hobby and side gig in doing transcripts while she pursues her real 'career' of being an ack-torrrr. (flaps hands for air) She mentioned that she was in New York 'off broadway' at least 3 times. Notably she *didn't* say what play, what part and so on. She's probably 3rd spear carrier down the back in the local Buffalo; New York production of Aiida and understudying for the role of handmaiden to the Queen. Basically this whole pitch was an audition and demo reel for her career as an act-torrr (flaps hands for air) and she blew it.

She had no real plan but all the buzzwords and spin that she's ever heard of. Unfortunately the sharks have also heard every buzzword and spin before so none of it sunk home. When asked what she wanted to do with the $300k she had no real idea or clue besides some more vague buzzwords and spin.

So the sharks steered well clear... except for Glen, who offered her the 300K for 40% of the business (what business..?) as long as she and her mother stepped aside as hands on CEO/CFO. So what the clueless little biddy doesn't realise is that Glen has just bought her idea, her contacts and clients (for what they're worth) in the USA for $300 000 and when she's blown all that money (as Andrew said she will... and she will!) and Glen starts taking the business in his own direction she'll realise that she no longer has any say in it at all. She'll be getting 60% of the money... for a while. But what's the bet that she'll be slowly muscled and leveraged out and will end up with nothing to show for it? Meanwhile, she can have fun spending the $300 000 as she becomes an ack-torrr (flaps hands for air).

I'm also going to leave this here, because why the hell not?.. ;)



I actually hate this show and only read this out of boredom, but I feel compelled to say that your reviews are excellent, @SeanE

Mr Stickyfingers

an old fart that rants at times...
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...I can't wait for SeanE's breakdown on tonight's episode... old Steve seems to be getting narkier and narkier each week methinks!... I thought that he was a tad bit hard on the woman with the condom for a clothesline... he really gave her quite the serve didn't he?... cheers.


I loathe sport on TV...
Nadda on the Nadi...

App enabled yoga pants??? What the hell for and who the hell needs something like this?

She really couldn’t explain the tech...at all, beyond saying “we have lots of data and it works, trust me” just shot it all down. Plus her sales projections are out in la-la land because people aren’t necessarily going to fork out for what are basically some fancy pants when a discount pair from K-Mart will do the same job.

Additionally, she’s already some sort of ‘young entrepreneur of the year’ or something? Plus she’s already successful in a few other areas? To me that doesn’t really sit with the premise of the show which is to give aspiring entrepreneurs a leg up.

Where’s Willy Wonka when you need him?

He’s a master chocolatier and loves his craft but doesn’t like the business side which isn’t doing so well anyway. The problem is people love chocolate, but frankly they’ll eat any old crap (looking at you oily Easter eggs) and don’t really want to pay a premium price for it. This is essentially why Darrell Lea went down the tubes.

I think he’s really looking for someone to take over the business and just let him do what he wants to do which is stay out the back and devise new chocolate blends. It’s the hobbyists curse. You love doing it for a hobby, but when it comes to making a buck as a business it’s not as much fun. (I have the same issue with my comic work)

Once again though I question the premise of having him on the show. He’s already a known business to the sharks with two stores up and running. So, does he really have a place on this show?

Clothesline Condom

When it rains here we just bring the clothes inside and either hang them on the upstairs railings or the clotheshorse (which is a product that has been around forever...). Who then really needs a raincoat over the clothesline?

Steve ripped into her didn’t he? Criticising that she doesn’t have any product, but she’s saying because she doesn’t have the money to buy enough affordably which is why she’s asking for sharks money. *Then* they criticise that people go and sell their houses and spend their life savings in order to get that first leg up and buy the product to sell but then can’t go any further so they ask the sharks.... Well you don’t get it both ways unless you’re already stinking rich like the sharks. At which point you wouldn’t need the sharks... She just couldn’t win either way.

At least Naomi said she’d help out with contacting the ‘Heggs’ guy (which is apparently doing ok...? I’ve never seen them though in the shops.)

It’s all in the bank(able assets)

You know the best vodka? It’s ‘Imperial’ (from Russia, you can get it at Dan Murphy’s sometimes) and ‘Greschelka’ from Ukraine. These are both straight, smooth, unflavoured vodkas that you can simply drink straight and neat without blowing your head off. (That comes later when the booze starts taking effect) If you want a flavoured vodka then go with ‘Nemiroff’ which do a really nice chilli vodka amongst others.

I’m married to a Ukrainian. I’ve drunk a *lot* of vodka over the years...

What you don’t need is the flavoured alcoholic lolly water that these guys were flogging, no matter how ‘natural’ and ‘healthy’ it supposedly is meant to be (ooh, look! We used Stivia... which tastes like crap! But it’s healthier!) Plus it ain’t vodka unless a potato was involved so what was that bullshit grape line?

They had a lot of mostly made up numbers which the sharks rightly tore into and completely stumbled around desperately trying to avoid Naomi’s question on what actual bankable assets such as you know... an actual bulk order from someone, anyone! But they didn’t, so that was that for all the sharks.

This is the first show for a long time where no one got a winning deal I think.
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Mr Stickyfingers

an old fart that rants at times...
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...haha!... I was so hanging out for your review SeanE lol!... I so knew that it was going to be a great read... as with you I thought the idea of those Yoga pants were quite ludicrous as Steve obviously thought that they were... 'Yoga pants girl' really thought that she was a smooth talker didn't she?... I think that Steve should've shut that woman down harder rather than the Condom clothesline lady to be honest... I think that Steve was a bit harsh with her... but as you said... we have under the BBQ area and a big back Verandah as a 'plan B' with it's raining down hard for us but anywhere indoors is just as good...

...that Chocolate guy just seemed to be out and out shifty to me so I'll leave it there methinks!... and those last two Vodka guys wanting to emulate certain drinks etc... they seemed nice enough but as they told them... they need to concentrate on their Australian business before being so keen to export their goods first... that makes sense... and... speaking of Dan Murphy's... I buy my most favourite Rum there... it's 'Angostura 1919 Carribean Premium Gold Delux Aged Blend Rum'... I drink that straight and neat too... in fact... I'm having a sip now as I type lol!...

...so I wonder why Steve is getting snarkier and snarkier with them more each week?... perhaps he's putting in a 'silent protest' against the show runners for putting on people that shouldn't really be there as you suggested my friend?... something is shitting him off as of late... anyway SeanE... thanks for your latest always entertaining review my friend... it's always fun reading them... cheers.


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The Vodka one had me thinking of what Mr Wonderful on the US Shark Tank would say. If the business starts to succeed, the major players who already have the distribution will crush you. There'd be nothing proprietary about the product to stop this.


I loathe sport on TV...
Johnny the boy has a game to play

So, they develop app games for a company based on whatever product you happen to sell.... OK fair enough. The one Andrew played seemed easy enough and mildly entertaining... for about 5 minutes.

But then Johnny owns 31.5% and poor Tony, who created the company and the initial idea only owns 20% (along with family and friends, so his stake is probably closer to 5 -10%) and Johnny's happy to give away chunks for a deal, any deal. The sharks are right, he's a bit desperate and I don't think he's in it for the long term like Tony. He wants a quick buck and then will bail and get out once he's got what he feels is enough money.

But Tony's got other family and friends to consider and so bails on Janine's deal, and look at Johnny's face when he said no!! I think there's going to be a "serious discussion" between the two of them afterwards.

Well padded:

She looks like she's eaten some of her cushions. Beyond this I can't tell you anything about this deal because my 6 year old grand daughter decided she had to show us her hand stands and mum and grandma just wanted to encourage her! So I couldn't hear a bloody thing or see the TV...

So basically its "Something something then Steve said something sexist, Naomi and Janine look pissed, lady got upset, and they argue, she has a child (so what, every woman has a child..) and Steve's out". Then the other sharks bailed as well and that was that, except for Naomi who wants 30% for her marketing expertise and they do a deal. Ta-dahhhh!.

(and its 9.00pm and time for 6 year olds to be in bed but she's home off from school tomorrow so she's being allowed to stay up and I may as well be talking to the cat for all the impact I'm having here)

Its a wash:

Ok, grand daughter has gone night-nights... (finally!)

Super efficient car washing via an app (another bloody app!) using nothing but spray bottles apparently. He seems determined and earnest enough which the sharks like but his $2m valuation has them all going "hmmm.." Steve also hates the idea that the app code is from an overseas developer which means he can't control what happens to that code later. The app developers can sell that code to anyone and there's nothing he can do about it. Not good.

Frankly though I can clean my own car in about 20 minutes and it only costs me a few dollars in water and wax so why would I pay $69 for the same thing? Right now his biggest problem is he only has 18 contractors and can't meet all his potential bookings. He needs to get more people onboard first and then come to the sharks. Mind you he's making $180 000 as his cut of the business per annum so really if he likes he could just sit back and live off the not too indecent income that it generates now. But like everyone he wants to grow and make more so that's why he's here.

Anyway, the sharks all bail on the valuation and he's done his dash.

Well scoop me with a spoon:

Steve's right, they've invented a bloody spoon. A little spoon at that which fits just right into a water bottle top and comes in right and left handed versions. And it costs $6.00 to buy - a bloody plastic scoop that costs them 29c to make! Then they say there's a US competitor that while not as good, has sold 7 000 000... so as Naomi said, they've got the jump on them and all the sharks go urrggghhh... and they're all out. Why? Because its a bloody scoop.

BUT! - Andrew offers to Steve a halvsies but for 40% for the $25 000 (peanuts - they should have asked for at least $100 000) and they get called back in and the deal is done just like that. What a scoop!


I loathe sport on TV...
Muuuuuuummmm....I'm borrrrred!

Its interesting how many teachers (and I'm one as well I must admit...) are looking for something to do that uses their teacher training but is NOT actually teaching. So these guys are realising that holidays for teachers are great (well kinda... I have 5 classes worth of marking to do this holidays, anyone want to help? Actually now I can see why these guys are looking for something else to do...), but for parents not so much. This is good timing because I've just been looking up ways to keep my grand daughter entertained tomorrow while mum is at work just half an hour ago. This would be ideal frankly.

But...these guys sell their services to corporations to run what is basically a temporary day-care program at the workplace. Employees sign on and bring their kids to work but don't have to stuff them under the desk with an ipad for the day. Good idea! It does limit their market somewhat as they need 25 kids to break even which means larger corporations only, say 100+ employees. Smaller businesses or individuals can have the same issues but they're not interested in those places I guess. Not enough dosh in it to make it worthwhile. Steve mentioned that these guys run a day-care center during term as well that his daughter goes to, so that's obviously their day-job and this is them trying to find a way to stay employed and earn a bit extra during the holidays.

Once again the enthusiasm is great but their valuation is whacko which drives most of the sharks away. Glen offers up but for 33.3333333333333333333333333...% which throws the guys for a but so they're off to have a chat out the back. The other sharks run the scenario predicting what these guys will say and Andrew is bang on but they come up with a 5% guarantee return in 2 years, and Glen rejects.

So it bounces back and forth as they haggle hard. Free programs are thrown in, Glen rejects, counters with 30%, they reject and counter with $300K, 2 freebies and a $75k line of credit...!!! These guys must have been to Bali or something as they sure know how to haggle.... and Glen caves first!!!!! This is more exciting than watching the last few minutes of a make-or-break game in the World Cup!

Ice Ice Baby:

Protective skins for ice buckets... I'm... not all that thrilled. It looks like black rubber crap frankly. Its a stubbie holder for an ice bucket

She has the patent and the sharks don't like it as Steve breaks the fourth wall and tells patent attorneys off direct to camera. Why? Because change the material to something like wetsuit material and there's not a damm thing she can do to protect her product. The material she's made it out of isn't special or unique at all. At least she did it online for $500 and Steve apologises to the patent attorneys of the world.

Once again they query the valuation of $2.6M as she doesn't have any firm orders. Just 200 sold, 100 given away as free samples and the other 700 she's had made up sitting in her shed out the back as she wonders how she's going to sell these ugly-ass things to anybody, somebody...! (please..?) She claims she had her accountant come up with the valuation and again all the sharks go blearrgghhhh...! (Because accountants just look at numbers and have no sense of 'business' at all. Just her guesswork claims of what she 'might' sell, one day based on her give-aways so far, and then the bean-weenie projects from that) Once again Steve breaks the fourth wall and tells the accountants off direct to camera.

Steve's out, Janine's out over the accountant and Naomi asks how much she's put in of her own money. Only $10 000... which they don't like either. This confuses me a little as they in one breath will dump on a guy for investing too much in their opinion and now they're busting her for not spending enough..?

Anyway, Glen says it looks smart (its not, its ugly-ass rubber) but then both he and Andrew bail and that's that for her. She's put on ice and is left out in the cold.

All that's old is new again:

Young mum, easy on the eye and all the guys perk up. Girls just smile politely.

She's basically reinvented the cloth nappy that your mum used and that your grandma used and your great grandma used... and thinks that its a new idea. This has a protective decorative shell though and some replaceable inserts. Why not just use the old fashioned square cloth, fold it into the 'kite' and use that with the old fashioned baby pins? There's also the issue of washing all these inserts and 'as-a-busy-mum' who would have time for that?..? She's got some side products as well but sharks aren't that impressed.

For the third time its the valuation and margins that the sharks don't like. $16.00 to make and selling for $29.95..? Not a lot of profit there. Plus a 6-8 week waiting period from order due to delays in Asia... Most mums would have given up and just gone with the disposables by then as the sleep deprivation kicks in.

So most sharks bail but again Glen, after saying immediately 'nup' is still interested and all the other sharks are like... huh!? Says she's not going to like it though. So it comes in at 30% for $30k and a line of future investment as further products are developed, and she just jumps at it. So deal is done.

Mates Rates:

These guys are basically wanting to be agents for tradies and targeting the property manager market. Not a bad idea really as just last weekend I needed a plumber to unblock my drains that were clogged with 14 years worth of grease apparently. I rang one of the bigger plumbing companies and they said they'd ring back in 15 minutes. 14 days later I'm still waiting for that call-back Gas-and-Plumbing-Guys!!! Then I rang some other smaller guys and they quoted shit rates just to turn up so they obviously didn't want the job, and FINALLY I found someone (TunnelVision.com btw - in Perth, and they were pretty good. But - get a firm written quote/hourly rate off him first as there was some tension at the end of the job as he wanted to use different higher hourly numbers to make up the bill...!) but had to take Monday off work as they could only come 'between 10 and 2' on Monday. My pipes are cleaned out though! :+)

What I'm saying basically is that dealing with tradies directly is a major pain in the ass as you try to deal with guys that are perfectly used to doing whatever they want, how they want, and when they want, and then charging what they want for it... I loathe dealing with tradies...

But at the end of the day isn't this just "Jim's...*whatever*" acting as a central call center (via app though this time)..? The only difference is that they're focusing on a niche market area of property managers. Otherwise its all been done before.

One guy is the son of one of Australia's first billionaires (who and for what I missed...) and they're $750k in the development hole already. Billionaire-boy says he's done this on his own but yeah, its easy to invest $750k when you know that dad's money is always there at the end of the day...

Tonight's theme is clearly 'business valuation' and most sharks go 'urgghhh..' again over their numbers. Andrew and Naomi stay in though and come back with their $250k for 20% instead of 10%... The guys try to haggle a bit and counter with 15% with Andrew but he counters with 16% just for the heck of it and they take the deal. These guys need to talk to the teachers from earlier and get some lessons in haggling I think.


I loathe sport on TV...
Blue Flu:

That's it people! With some basic ingredients that you can buy yourself for a couple of dollars in the local fresh produce department they've cured the common cold... IN A PILL!!! Bloody hell, cook up some chicken soup, have a cup of tea with some honey and Bundy Rum in it, plus lemon if you like, and snuggle down in bed. You'll be fine in a day or two anyway. Without their bloody pill.

Great to see Glenn rip into the doctor/medical side of things (even if he is a vet..) and then the others cut them to shreds over the business side of things as they're just 'businessmen' (and not very good ones at that - 2 bankruptcies??...!) and at the end of the day are just distributors for someone else's product. They're in sales basically...

Interesting to learn what "Class C" medication is - over the counter, may be useful though may be snake oil as well but at least it won't hurt you. This includes most Suisse and Blackwell pills and most vitamins. Think about that next time you cough up your money into this multi billion dollar industry...!

So, they have no control over the product and what changes in the ingredients or how its made, or even if it gets dropped altogether and then they want $1.5M from the sharks to help them do it? Janine wants to hear their sales strategies but they don't really have the answers and so therefore they don't really have any idea how they're going to do this beyond 'almost having approval in Vietnam'.

Anyway, all the sharks bail and good on them. These guys were flim flam artists of the first desperate order.

The Pencil is mightier...err... a load of bollocks

A giant novelty pencil - as a lamp!! Wow... I don't know what I've been doing with my life without this product. I am bereft ... and it costs $2500... for a lamp!

So these guys are freelance graphic designers who have come up with a reasonably quirky idea, and beyond that have no clue what they're doing, where they're going, or how they're going to do it. Basically they are now trying to pass themselves off as a 'business' when they're not. They're designers, and freelance ones at that which means they need a contract. I work freelance as well in my comic stuff. I know how hit and miss it can be from month to month. Earlier this year I scored big with some design work for Morley SHS here in Perth plus I have my Zenescope stuff, but then I go 2 - 3 months with nothing.and now the Morley stuff is done, that's it, the money dries up. There's a reason why I haven't yet quit my day job as a high school teacher...

So all the sharks bail because these guys are effectively someone you'd 'employ' to work in your design dept. but not go into partnership with as a business.

The Swag's in the bag:

Saving the environment with a cloth bag that you put in your fridge chilly bin to keep your vegies fresher. Not a bad idea really but once again its the valuation that has the sharks looking askance. $3 000 000 company in 12 months has them all going .. hmmm... nah...

I'm kind of wondering why you can't make these yourself at home with some hessian and padding from Spotlight plus about a half hour on the sewing machine, rather than paying $72.00 retail for her product (wholesale is $44.00 and COP is $17.00... interesting to see just how much markup there are on things isn't it..?)

Naomi, Andrew and Steve drop out but Glen and Janine make some pretty shitty offers, but she goes with Glen,so ya we have a deal! Sorry Janine...

Jar Jar Cakes:

Last weekend mesa went down to Sorrento Quay here in Perth and wesa went into the "California Pizza Kitchen" which is actually a pretty big fancy fancy restaurant that seats about 200 Gungdans (not that I've ever seen it even remotely full..) for a Pizza, and mesa also ordered a dessert. It was a bery nice salted caramel cream pudding, and it came... in a jar.

Ok ok, I'll drop the very bad Jar Jar Binks impersonations...

So. putting things in jars is just the latest serving trend and this guy has cashed into it by putting his cupcakes into a jar as well and then making them mail-order (just like you can do with regular cupcakes) I don't believe his story about mail ordering cupcakes that got trashed to his sister for a second.

Good on him for getting some cred behind him in the form of Maggie Bear with making his cake, though that might just be limited to "Hey can I use your recipe...?" and she said yes.

Glen is right, it is just 'cake in a bottle' so most sharks pull out but then Andrew makes an offer at $50k for 20% and Naomi matches him at 20% also and offers a pair deal so $100k for 40%, but he counters with $100k for 30% and they do the deal. But since this is a trendy thing for the moment, lets see where he is in 2 years time when the next trendy thing comes along.

For the record BTW:

The pizza at the California Pizza Kitchen in Sorrento Quay was absolute rubbish. We just had a basic Hawaiian but the base was doughy, it was drowned in sliced ham and there were about 5 pieces of pineapple (obviously just sliced pineapple from a can..) on the whole thing. For some reason it had shredded spring onions on it. We ate it anyway, as we were being slogged $21.95 for it. We could have got a Domino's pizza that would have been far superior AND have it delivered to the restaurant for less.

This, coming from a restaurant that *supposedly* specialises in pizza!!!! Its even in the name of the place!

In our party others also had a brownie each. These were gritty and tasteless. I think they're just buying in some pre-made brownies from a factory and then zapping them in the microwave. Actually, they might be pre cooking the pizzas and then just warming them up as well because that came *very fast* as well.

So when the beardy hipster dude at the counter asked "How was your meal?" I told him just how crappy most of it was, though I did commend the Salted Caramel Pudding. It'd have that again easily even if it does come in a pretentious jar. So beardy hipster apologies, comps our pizza (so, free..) and gives us a couple of vouchers for free kids meals to use in the future (yeah, good luck with that...). At least we saved the $21.95 ripoff price on the pizza.

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...yet another great review SeanE... I always look forward to reading them my friend... you're right about those first two... shonky from the start eh?... my sweet darling wife and I were in IKEA today and when I saw that lamp as a pencil I could well see it being there once IKEA copy it and sell it for a fraction of the price... $2500?... pfffft!... ridiculous!... weren't they having themselves on?...

...the 'Swag in a Bag' thingy was a tad bit silly to me... if you had say half a dozen of them in your fridge they would take up so much space in it... having see through stackable plastic containers are way more organised and practical surely?... besides... if a visitor went to your fridge and opened it and saw all of those bags they might think that you're storing human heads or something in there...

...those cakes in the jar or whatever they were... I could never order something like that because for the money... they just aren't worth it... they're just bloody cupcakes in a jar!... that's it... why would someone think that it is a great gift?... it's a bloody silly idea and I'm gobsmacked that they made a deal with him to be honest...

...I may have said this before but this years entrepreneurs seem to me to be coming on this show just to get airtime for their products and are just hoping that one of the Sharks may get sucked into their products rather than really wanting a true investment in their product?... it's like they're getting a free 15 minute infomercial in prime time TV for their products and that's it to me at times... the quality of products seems to be a tad bit lower this year to me anyway... it makes me think that Steve may be feeling the same thing and hence his shortness and gruffness to some of them this year... perhaps it just a coincidence but that's how I feel anyway...

...again... thanks for the great review SeanE... great stuff mate... cheers.


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Those flu pill people were just con artists. Their story was ridiculous.
It'd be interesting to know if they're just deluded on this nonsense or saw how this space allows for such bullshit to be sold and decided they wanted in on it.

Australia is awful for nonsense. We really need better regulation and this crap needs to get out of pharmacies.


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It'd be interesting to know if they're just deluded on this nonsense or saw how this space allows for such bullshit to be sold and decided they wanted in on it.

Australia is awful for nonsense. We really need better regulation and this crap needs to get out of pharmacies.
Sadly there is simply too much money being made.

I think the couple on Shark Tank hadn’t realised that conning the customers and conning the investors are two different things.

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...haha!... tonight's show isn't even over yet and it's been a barrel of laughs so far for me... especially with the 'Men in Black' that all stood there with their hands in both pockets all the time... SeanE's gonna have a field day with tonight's show lol!... I'm so looking forward to reading his review lol!... cheers.


I saw a bit after I channel chopped after Masterchef. Four preppy kids trying to big-note themselves about some secret squirrel drone caper, and the sharks totally eating them alive.