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RuPaul’s Drag Race DOWN UNDER


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All I’m saying is, from what I’ve heard it was done on purpose. The producers knew there is no way Art can win a rap-based lip sync. They also hammed up the non-existant rivalry between Art and Karen because they’re arguably the two contestants the public consider most likely to get to the end, and thus preconceiving an early elimination of one of their “most popular” Queens.

Granted, I didn’t think Art did very well in Snatch Game either, but did you notice how they edited most of her answers out during the segment anyway?

All will make sense very soon...
You better be hinting that she’s coming back! 😂

But don’t tell me, I no like spoilers (I’m avoiding that BBAU Final 3 thread like the plague)


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Okay. She’s gotta be under the trash / treasure pile next week!!

Also, very shaaady editing for the preview for Episode 3 😂

Don’t know if the track screams true Down Under, but it was fun.

Troye Sivan’s cameo though 🙊

Lightning McQueen

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The song was nowhere near as good as those from the UK version.

Electra shouldn't have been judged so harshly, she was one of the best performers. It was the right booting though.