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A new thread for all things regal.:)

Her Maj has arrived! Looking splendid in aqua.


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Yeah, that's not the most flattering of suits. What she wore to the Wills and Kate wedding was much better.


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How can one woman get it so right, yet one get it so wrong?

I agree. I wish Julia would STOP wearing cropped jackets and wear jackets a little longer and clinched in at the waist or longer coat style jackets!



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I'm tired, I just spent the last couple of hours reading up on a whole heap of info about CHOGM. I'll chuck the links up here for any other Perthites who haven't had a read yet:

The ABC's information page:

Detailed maps of the restricted areas on the police website:

Along with FAQs:

Mainroads' FAQ section with maps of road closures:

And Transperth's information page:

I'm off to bed.


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Awww...isn't she a darling!
She just keeps on keeping on, and with such grace.

That basketballer is a FREAK !!
I saw some of the coverage today on Channel 9. Peter Harvey mentioned that the British Royals doing the walk around gave them a common touch and that you never see those sort of scenes in places like Copenhagen or in other parts of Europe. All I can think is that Queen Margrethe of Denmark rides to work and is often seen riding around Copenhagen. A walk around Copenhagen would be pretty much pointless.