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As a kid I excelled at doing maps of Oz, due to the fact I saw it as a Kangaroo in profile (eastern states) stuck to a scottie dog in profile (WA)


This is actually true, apologies for the dad humour.
My dad had to sew a button back onto a shirt, so he bought a container of needles in the supermarket.
Five minutes later he took it back and said "I want to lodge a complaint. There are no strawberries with these needles."
The supermarket manager laughed, thankfully.



Konya, Turkey
Anatolian mouflons run in snow at the wild sheep conservation and production centre. The mouflon is considered the ancestor of all modern domestic sheep breeds
Photograph: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Fascinating.......image may disappear as it is getty, usually copyright will make it go poooooofffff


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Someone posted this link on Twitter. It shows near real time electricity generation by type (brown coal, black coal, gas, solar, wind etc) and how it compares to each state's demand.

Time zone used is AEST (Brisbane time) which doesn't change for daylight saving. Interesting to see how short NSW falls and relies on imports. And to see how much solar contributes. I was surprised how much NSW produces by black coal, too.