New Zealand Survivor


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What's with that host? Dressing like Jeff Probst,standing with his hands on his hips,how unoriginal.
The Australian version had a host who was even similar to Probst I thought.

This is also similar to the Australian one with the talk 'playing this game with honour' and having a 'tribe of heroes', which is worrying.


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The Australian version had a host who was even similar to Probst I thought.

This is also similar to the Australian one with the talk 'playing this game with honour' and having a 'tribe of heroes', which is worrying.
But he worked and turned out to be a good host in the end,this one just comes off like a copy-cat


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I think they are both copycats but the Australian one perhaps had more of the Probst authority at least. This one seems slightly weak at this point in comparison, maybe we just have to get used to him.

Second ep, yet more on values and honour. Sala reminds me of the hat guy from the Australian one talking about his honour/values all the time. Shay reminds me of Brooke, and she's got her female alliance too.

I don't see why they told them about redemption island, better to keep it secret.


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Is one of the tribal challenges moving the whole group over to Australia and then taking away their dole payments? :+P


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The best aspect of this version so far is that they really show the life at camp and the evolving situations. It has a fantastic pre-Allstars feel to it.

Liking: Avi, Tom (not liking his chances, though), Shay, Hannah, some of the non-distinct pretty guys and girls, too.

Ambivalent about: Sala. Nice guy, but he would be a nightmare to p!at with. He has shades of the 'mateship' nonsense from Australian Survivor.

Disliking: the cop, Georgia, Lou

Here's a podcast by Nick and Phoebe


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Saw the third episode. Like with the Australian one it feels somewhat like there's just a few who are really there to talk game, like that's their role. Others listen to them, while the rest are just in the background doing whatever. There's a predictable split between older and younger, with the cast very much dominated by the younger it feels. The music feels somewhat over dramatic for what we've seen. And all the talk at redemption island, and such a simple challenge, and no tribal council.


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I quite like the host and cast. Loving the beautiful scenery. Hope they are getting good ratings...Loving Sala, Avi and Tom so far. Louisa reminds me a lot of Kristy that won AuSurvivor. Lee and Mike are fun to watch but on the wrong side for me. Georgia is a good player but her smirking attitude ruins it, same with her boy toy Mike. Jack is annoying but sometimes I see glimpses of someone I like...Makes me laugh to see them with paper, pens, playing cards, etc.


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ep 5
quite boring and with the flexibility required in the RI challenge it was a very predictable result

ep 6
finally a twist to shake things up, this was a situation where both tribes could have tried to throw it and we could have had a stand off. Glad the tribe who were thinking of throwing before didn't, though it was stupid of them not to.

ep 7 elimination spoiler
Dammit, Izzy gone :(


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Ep 8
Was hoping for a move, never liked Mike. But never really expected it. One problem with Redemption Island is it makes blindsides harder as the person blindsided can come back (particularly if they are likely strong at challenges, and Mike is a physical threat).


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Catching up on ep 9 now and peeked at Wikia spoiling ep 10.

NZ definitely did better at diverse casting than AU (not surprisingly). Shay and Sala are Samoan, Tom is Maori, Lee Dutch/Filipino. Not really caring for the Bible verse tee shirt Sala wears though (Phil 4:13 I can do all this through him who gives me strength).

And the contestants seem to have been allowed to take far too many changes of clothes, raincoats and personal items for my liking. And given too much stuff at the start like cooking utensils.

Oh, the host's voice is a bit whiny and irritating.

Lee had an invisible edit, when they did show him I wondered who he was - where did he come from? But it resolved my question as to why there weren't any Asians on the show, turns out he is Dutch/Filipino.