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New Off Topic Thread ..... (Everyone: please be nice)


Hooray for Press Gang!
Ripping yarns.
Side project of Michael Palin and terry Jones. The Monty pythonians.
A series of half hour episodes.
Insanely funny.
That was grayson. The school bully from the episode "Thomkinsons schooldays"
Right up your alley I reckon Reep. Look it up.
I heard of that! Should watch it.


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I cant really rag on bombers.
My ex. She was a rabid dons fan so I went to a lot of their games as well as bulldogs ones.
So they kinda became my 2nd team.


Keep Beaching
There seems to have been more drama in the Housemates thread despite what happened the other day. What do we think will happen next? Will posts get deleted again?