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MAFS 2023

The opening segment.
"You re such an arsehole"
Narrator: "Who could it be?"
Um, I doubt Ollie or Tahnee,.
Apart from them, we're spoiled for choice.
We have a collection of asrseholes!
It's interesting looking back on the wedding days. I had forgotten Melinda had been pretty rude about Layton from first meeting, although she warmed to him fairly quickly.
In fact, I forgot how emotionally crippled Layton was from the start!
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Ooh Alyssa and Duncan. This wont end nicely ... shes an enotional fruit loop, and comes over really nice/caring/stable .

Run, Forest, run!
Awww Melinda ❤
I thought that was going to be an unhappy ending

They are together for the publicity. IMO: They will last 6-12 months. They’re just keeping up appearances to milk it and get as many opportunities they can & then the sad announcement they split. They are as genuine as Jack & Domenica romance from last series.
That was a weird bit when she accused Duncan of doing all the things she did to him, on that bench sitting with her mum. And then told Duncan she thought she could "help" him!
I hate it when they misrepresent what their partner actually said.
See also Melinda telling her mother that Layton called her a liar, or whatever.
Blimey, Evelyn walked off pretty damned fast.
Rupert just can't get his words together!